Halloween Dictionary

By: Eric Ruhalter Crazy Pumpkin

If you have kids Halloween is a whole season unto itself.  A lot of time and effort goes into this celebration of … well, of candy I guess. I can’t help with your kids costumes or the appointing of your home with spooky accoutrements.

But I CAN save  you time with some hilarious words to describe the indescribable things kids do pertaining to Halloween. (At The Kid Dictionary, that’s what we do.)

Sweeten your vocabulary with these Halloween Words:

REMASKULATE  (re-MAZ-kew-layt) v :
The act of changing your mind about what you want to be for Halloween numerous times during the month of October.

FUDGET (FUDD-jet) v.:
To manage the consumption of one’s Halloween candy in such a manner that it lasts the entire year.

CANDFILL (CAND-fill) n.:
A stockpile of hidden candy wrappers or other evidence of unauthorized sweets consumption.

TREATCHERY (TREET-chur-ee) adj.:
The difficulty a child experiences getting around in an unwieldy Halloween costume.

CHOCOMMOTION (chock-CO-mo-shun) n.:
The general state of turmoil and unrest brought on by hordes of children wired on Halloween candy.

COSTUMEPATED (COSS-toom-pay-ted) adj.:
Feeling the ill effects of too much Halloween candy

CONFECTORATE (con-FECK-tore-ate) v.:
To dump one’s Halloween candy out on the floor in order to count it, organize it and marvel at it.

The fragrance inside your kid’s Trick or Treat bag three weeks into November.

There’s really nothing I can do to help the whoas of outfitting your kids with costumes the logistical headaches of trick-or-treating or the resulting Candy-induced rambunctiousness of your kids. But I CAN make it a little bit easier to describe. Hope it helps. I wish you a pleasant Halloween.

Eric Ruhalter is the author of  The Kid Dictionary Hilarious Words To Describe the Indescribable Things Kids Do, the gift book to give parents a much-needed laugh and a true understanding that all of us parents are in this together.

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