Getting kids to eat healthy – the lies parents tell

When it comes to picky eaters I definitely don’t have one. Actually, come to think of it, she just may be a carnivore. Man can she eat a steak and she complains when it’s cooked more than medium rare. We tend to BBQ a lot in the summer and to be honest as long as the Q isn’t buried by snow, we do quite a bit in the winter too. This family loves meat!

I’ve learned over the past four years with M that there is an art to teaching your kids to eat balanced meals (even while out) and to enjoy items from each food group. How do some parents do this you ask? Parents lie. “Oh honey, try this, its chicken.” We all know it’s not chicken, so really are we just kidding ourselves? I’ve heard many parents tell little white lies to their kids. I, on the other hand, won’t do it. Sorry kid, you are getting the G-rated version of the truth, whatever that may be.

All I ask is that she tries everything once and if she doesn’t like it, fine, she doesn’t have to eat it. I’ll admit, sometimes a bribe may come in to play, but everyone has to have an ace up their sleeve. With this method, we’ve had some huge successes. She loves asparagus, spinach, kiwi, eggs and tuna. On the other hand we’ve also had some gags at the table and a few near upchucks but she still tries it.

The other thing is – spice it up people! Do you like bland food? No, so why would they? I usually make a dry marinade for our steaks. Its killer! Here’s what I stick in it:

· Garlic powder
· Onion powder
· Ground garlic and Himalayan pink salt
· Black Pepper
· Dill seed
· Coriander
· Paprika
· Peppers
· Natural smoke flavor

I know that sounds like a lot but really it isn’t. I swear by this and it is awesome on ALL meats. Spice up your dishes!! You won’t need any steak sauce, so you can cut a few calories out and enjoy! Teaching your kids to eat well balanced meals is not easy, but worth it. These are the things they take with them throughout their lives, teach their own families and be able to stay healthy with lower risks of diseases. Yes, it’s a lot of work, and everyone gets take-out once in a while, but instilling good health is the best gift you can give your child.

Get out and enjoy the nice weather, have fun and EAT!

Happy grilling people!

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