Easy Dad-Made Halloween Costumes

If you’re running behind and your child still needs a Halloween costume– don’t fret; I’m here to tell you that it happens to all of us from time to time. Here are a few simple, completely Daddy-doable Halloween costumes that you can make at home with limited supplies.

Super Hero: The super hero costume is simple. You’ll need a bright colored pair of pants a bright colored shirt and maybe some tall socks or boots. You can fashion a cape out of a pillowcase by making a super hero emblem with duct tape. A mask can be made out of cardboard or craft paper. Attach the cape by safety pinning it to the back of your child’s shirt, and use shoelaces to tie the mask onto your child’s face. Don’t forget to have your child come up with a super power and a super hero name to make the costume complete.

Rockstar: Another classic costume is the rockstar. Dig around in your college trunk for a rocker wig that your child can wear. If you owned a Poison shirt it could very well be in that trunk as well –so go ahead and grab that, too! If you don’t have a wig, a folded up bandana will be fine, and if you don’t have a rocker band shirt your child can wear a black tee (to get more creative make a lightening bolt out of duct tape to attach to the shirt!). Create a makeshift guitar out of cardboard and decorate it with your child, if you have a blow-up guitar or an old Wii guitar that could work, too. Teach your child how to say “are you ready to rock?” and you’ll be good to go!

Ghost: Okay, dads – if you’re REALLY running behind your child can always dress up as a ghost. To dress as a ghost you need to find a white towel or sheet that you’re okay with ruining. Put the towel or sheet over your child and draw circles where your child’s eyes are. Then take the sheet or towel off of your child and cut those circles out, so your ghost child can see. All that’s left is for you to help your child practice saying, “BOO” and other scary ghostly noises before heading out to trick or treat!

Grapes: Make your way to the party store to pick up a bag of purple balloons. You’ll also need a purple top, purple leggings and a green beanie. Blow up 15 – 20 balloons and fasten them all around your child’s shirt and pants. I have found this works best if you safety pin them on from the inside of the garment. Help your child into this crazy 3D costume and have fun! If your child will need to ride in a car or sit down they’ll either need to change into the outfit when they arrive at the party or you’ll need to only attach balloons to the front of the costume.

80’s Groupie: With neon colors making a comeback, dig through the closet for the brightest pieces of clothing you can find: leggings, a skirt and a top. To make leg warmers find a bright pair of socks that you can cut the toe off. Pull your daughter’s hair into a side ponytail and she’ll be ready to go!

The best costumes aren’t always bought at stores, and creating costumes at home is a fun and engaging activity for both you and your child! Be creative and have fun!



Daddy Nickell


Daddy Nickell, father of 6, founder of Daddyscrubs.com and the Daddyscrubs parenting blog


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