Diono RadianRXT Car Seat Review

I received a pair of RadianRXT car seats for review from Diono. The RadianRXT is like the king of all car seats, I swear! We set up one for M (forward-facing) and the other for T (rear-facing). Forward-facing is for kids 22-65lbs, M is 34lbs which means she’s still too small for just the booster, so we also set her up with the 5-point harness. The booster option fits up to 120lbs, meaning that M will never need another car seat! The rear-facing fits children from 5-45lbs, perfect range for T as he’s about 20lbs and it comes with a cushy insert so he doesn’t bobble all over the place once he falls asleep. It also tethers to the seat in front for added stability.

This car seat is nuts! The frame is steel alloy, the sidewalls are reinforced and they have a SafeStop harness which helps absorb the energy created by an impact. With the combination of the SafeStop harness and the head surrounds you know that your little one would be completed protected even from a side impact. The harness covers are even awesome…they fit great, are super soft, are memory foam and M said that the straps didn’t dig into her shoulders or hips. If we ever needed to travel, these fold flat so we can pack it and check it!

What we liked….everything actually. Hubby said they were super easy to install, and adjust to both kids and their requirements (there is a ton of customizations to help properly fit your little one for both comfort and safety). The use their SuperLATCH™ technology so with a couple of snaps, clicks, pulls and adjusting, done! We also liked that these are low to the seat so M could climb in with no problems and the sides even adjust with a few simple and easy movements, which means that as both of them grow, they will still be able to use their RadianRXT. Did I mention that they have non-slip bottoms too? Honestly, just makes sense.

The best part of these…. we can actually fit both seats in the back AND have room for a 3rd if necessary! I know what you’re thinking… not gonna happen people, all I’m saying is that we can actually fit another passenger and that the dog has her spot back….don’t get any ideas here, I’m done having babies! A lot of people have been asking me for advice on car seats especially space saving ones, well I’ve found the answer!

It’s the attention to detail, the way the pull straps feel and how smooth the motions are to tightening or loosen it. Diono actually thinking of putting a small emergency card by the latch to loosen the belt is genius. Just fill out the info and put it back in the pocket on the flap of the car seat. Think about it, this could actually be a life saver!

These are really, really awesome! I Love that my kids are safe and comfortable for many years to come and that they make our lives easier. Plus, each seat has a 10 year life, which is double some other car seats. Thanks Diono!

  • lisa gonzalez

    We have 3 in car seats I sometimes worry that they are not fitting right. I’m expecting a diono any day now. And will probably get another especially since my #2 is growing out of his convertible.

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