Deciding to have another child after you’ve had a preemie is probably one of the most difficult ones you can make. There are a million questions that run through your head and literally, you not only have to take a look at your options, but also decide if you’re willing to take the risk again.

Well we made our decision and really got pregnant the first week of trying. Yes, that’s right, M is going to be a big sister in January! I’m terrified. I’m not looking forward to another C-section and you keep asking yourself if there was something you could do to prevent what happened the first time. Well, there isn’t. No one could have predicted what happened when I was pregnant with M, so there’s no point in me stressing out about it. I’m doing what I can do to stay healthy and rested (which I also did the first time). Making sure I go to all my appointments, walk when I can, and I’m taking my blood pressure at home just to be able to advise my doctor’s of any sudden changes.

The biggest step I took was getting a new OB. The last one should have caught my rise in blood pressure but he didn’t and it almost killed me. So, I took my life in my own hands this time.

Went onto a few doctor rating sites, asked for advice from a few nurses and staff I’ve kept in touch with from the hospital and looked for someone who I needed to take this risk with.

Overall everything is going great, I’m in my 21st week, I’m feeling good and have gained about 9-10 lbs. No swelling that doesn’t subside with putting up my feet for a bit, and I can still wear my wedding rings. This is a big deal! All the ladies know what I’m talking about. I think it’s more in my head but this is a good thing – skinny jeans mentality! With M my rings were gone at about 13 weeks and it sucked, we’ll see how long they last this time!

Fingers crossed that everything keeps going the way it should and we can make it to or at least close to my C-section date!

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous news with us. How early was “M” born? My triplets were born at 30 weeks. Keep us updated.

    Besos, Sarah

    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  • Baby Bottom Line

    Thank you! M was 33 weeks! Here’s the whole story if you’re interested :) 

    WOOOOWWWW!!! Tripplets!!!!! lol

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