Dads Deserve Love Too

It is quite amusing to me how people think dads are clueless to raising children.  That may have been true when our dads were raising us but men have come a long way in the child rearing business.  Not to say that they don’t need some help but then who doesn’t?  Sure we have maternal instincts that help us get along but who says men don’t have the same?

My hubby is a huge help with my kids.  He bathes them, feeds them and yes he even changes diapers (which sometimes is really amusing – ever watch a man change a poopy diaper?  It can be quite theatrical…LOL).  A while back Huggies had a commercial that made dads look oblivious.  Complaints were made and Huggies pulled the commercial.  Now the commercial shows dads like my hubby who can be a great help.  Although, I will say that if hubby had a choice, changing diapers would be the last one he makes.

This Father’s Day, I look forward to sharing the love with my hubby.  We will be making him a special dinner and giving him some deserved time to himself.  He works very hard to make sure we have everything we need.  When I was pregnant, he did ALL the cooking and helped with the cleaning.  He has been working out of town a lot lately and we haven’t been able to see him as much as we would like.  When he is home, instead of saying he needs time to relax and rest, he puts all his focus into our kids because he missed them so much.  This means a lot to me and especially to me daughter, who truly is a Daddy’s girl.  We are so lucky to have him.

Is your hubby a hands on dad?  What special activities do you have planned to show the daddy in your life how much you appreciate him?

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