Birthday Party for Canada!

Every year we have a birthday party for Canada. We bake it a cake, we sing happy birthday (well M does) ,and the national anthem… it’s our thing. Last year was awesome! We made a white and red swirled cake, iced it in white frosting and made it look like a flag with sparkly red sprinkles! We also have our friends and family over and have a BBQ to hang out and celebrate. Hopefully this year the weather will be good and we will be able to check out the fireworks. Last year I think it rained and was miserable.

I pinned some cool crafts that we can do this year to also get in the spirit…hand-print flags, maybe even t-shirts! We always do red and white nails and I’ll add some red hair streaks this year and face painting. I think she’ll have fun!

I also think that maybe dying some white daisies would be a fun experiment and making a new rock family (googly eyes included) will keep her busy. One year we checked out some fun activities around the city. Loved doing that but it’s so crazy that I don’t even know if it’s worth the hassle even though it makes for great memories! We’ll see who comes over and how the kids are that day. I always have a back-up plan just in case someone isn’t in a good mood!

How do you celebrate?

  • Sancia

    we usually check out the local celebrations and this year we’re having my son’s birthday party, it’s on the 2nd

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Hope you had a blast! :)

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