Baseball season is upon us…

Wow, the winter flew by and now we’re a few weeks away from baseball season! M has changed so much that I’m almost afraid to bring her to the games!
1) They usually start at 7 pm which is, let’s face it, not that far off bedtime.
2) She’s a klutz and I’m a paranoid Mommy. This is the year that I would probably have her in full head gear to be running around. 3) How the heck am I going to keep her occupied for 3+ hours??? If anyone has any ideas, I’m open to everything and anything!

Then it’s the rush from work, get everyone ready, back in the car, try to have a decent meal (if that’s possible) and pack up all the healthy snacks and stuff. I just realized going through the list that it takes so much time and effort to do this twice a week, but totally worth it! The only downfall really is that I’m not sure if I can deal with little miss cranky pants the next morning because she ends up going to bed after her regular bedtime.

We take M everywhere with us! She’s really, really good in public but then there’s baseball M, the crazy little girl that won’t sit still and who is always on the move. How do I harness all that while at the ball diamond?

How does everyone else do it? Is it just the “trying threes” or are all little ones as “on-the-go” as she is? This will be an interesting season…

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