Baby Number 2

People think it is simple, but for some, even contemplating having a second baby can be overwhelming. You see, hubby and I have been thinking about extending our little nest of three. We both come from large families and always wanted more then one child and seeing that our Dilemma is 18 months and that we had trouble conceiving her without fertility assistance in the first place has heightened our need to get this started. But having a child about to enter her terrible twos and being a stay at home mom with only one income to support us all makes us worry: are we ready for this? And this has put a damper on what should be a joyous decision.

Once our Dilemma was born, she was the center of our world. Like all new parents, everything we did revolved around not screwing her up.  We have now settled into a nice routine. She sleeps thought the night, eats well and, is beginning to take to her potty training. We have even reached the point where hubby and I have time for each others’ company again!  And I even have time to re-immerse myself into things I love (like blogging for instance!).

We know that a newborn will take over our lives again. That we will not sleep and the whole dynamic of our family will change. We will need to find the time and energy to deal with a toddler AND an infant… Are we crazy?

All and all we can mull over the pluses and minuses of having another baby, make all the lists, check all the back accounts, articles and such on the subject and STILL not come to a solid answer. So we are listening to our hearts. Baby Number two…we welcome you!

Now let’s get started on making a baby!

  • Marianne

    Go for it :)  While it might seem overwhelming now, you have 9 months to prepare.  Having my second child was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

  • Claire

    We just had our third baby and I take the advice that someone told me:  “You’ll never regret the children you have, you’ll regret the children that you don’t.”  This stuck with us and now have a newborn, a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.  Yes it’s extremely busy but I would never go back to having just one…love all three of them! Remember it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you spend!

  • ronnies

    I’m expecting baby #3 right now and baby #2 will only be 18 months when the new arrival comes. You will find a way to make it work. You know that you’ll never regret having that baby!

  • Guest

    As a mother of 3 that are ages three and under (and were expecting #4 in 6 months, I can say that with very little extended family support and not much of a social network that we can rely on that having a baby #2 in your circumstance, I would think would not be as difficult as you may think. Now, all of my children have slept through the night since a week old (we breastfed), so I can’t relate to being sleep deprived from a newborn baby. Your family will adapt and adjust and your daughter would probably enjoy having a little buddy to play with and grow up with. Just do what ever feels right and comfortable to you. Have you spoke with your daughter about it to see what she thinks? Our two eldest are quite excited. :) Good luck with the decision you end up making!

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