A wish or two … or seven

Growing up I played a ton of sports, started working at a young age, was always very independent. I learned the value of a dollar and planning for my future and overall was a pretty smart cookie! I had awesome friends (and still do), family …well every family is dysfunctional because really if you weren’t it wouldn’t be normal LOL.

I’ve always been really close with my parents…Daddy’s little girl who yes, was spoiled. But I have always had awesome relationship with my parents. Never had a problem in school and bought my own house at a young age, which kind of surprised my parents. But it shows that they must have done something right!

I wish for “M” that I have the ability to teach her what I’ve learned, where I’ve went wrong, and how to be a strong independent women. I wish that she will have the ability to have the same relationship with her father, that I have with mine and that she realizes how important friends and family are. I wish that she becomes the person that she wants to become and not who others expect her to be. I wish her love, luck, happiness and wealth, friendship, kindness and understanding because whoever she becomes she always be able to be herself and have a family that loves her and accepts her for just being her!

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