Young Love

This weekend we went up to my cousin’s cottage as we often do. But this weekend was different. My kids made friends with a brother and sister (Daniel and Jessica about ages 10 and eight) and it all started with a friendly game of Frisbee in the lake.

I enjoyed watching them play with their new friends in the water and on the sand. It was so cute to see them all sharing their toys and snacks with each other. On our second day it made me happy to see that the little girl actually put her towel down under our umbrella and allowed the kids and my husband to bury her in the sand (up to her waist and with her mom’s permission of course).

And then the cute went off the charts. My 3yo daughter told my husband a secret while swimming with him:

“Daddy, I love Daniel.”

Later that night while I was putting her to bed I asked her what she liked best about our weekend at the cottage and with the sweetest smile and a sparkle in her eye, she said, “Daniel. I will love him forever.”

She had the cutest look on her face when she told me that the reason she loves him is because he was fun and pulling her legs in the water.

My daughter has had her first summer love and she shared the wonder of it with me.

My heart exploded with cuteness and all thoughts of her being too young to say this or wondering where she dreamed this up are all unimportant. What’s important to me is that she is fun, friendly and open to loving others.

I hope she always shares these secrets with her father and I.

  • Teresa I.

    *sniffle* Someone pass me a tissue, QUICK! She’s so adorable. I can picture her telling you that she’ll “love him forever”. I love her!!!!

  • Christine from Momzelle

    So cute! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  • Esther Bartkiw

    ahh young love

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