With this gift, I thee dread…

I love buying gifts for people. I get immense satisfaction when I give someone something that I know they love. Almost to the point of smugness. I get that not everyone enjoys this. Not because they are mean or bah humbahging (not a real word I know) all over town, but they just don’t like the pressure of having to get something ‘good’.

The fact that someone even thought about getting me a gift is lovely. If they put in a little extra time and picked something that I actually like — I’m overjoyed. I have been known to jumpy-clap. In fact I’ve jumpy-clapped after getting an icing spatula. Go on; think that I’m lame. But I loved it.

I dislike Kris Kringle, Secret Santa, White Elephant, blah, blah, blah… I suspect that these things are all different, but I can’t be bothered to differentiate between them, because I don’t enjoy them.

Let me explain, if we’re in a group and you pick my name and get me a gift meant for me. I love it. If you’re told to come to a party with a wrapped, random gift. I don’t enjoy that. It kind of defeats the purpose of gift giving if you ask me. Just some random gift for an adult female, under $20, go nuts… I don’t like it. It’s so impersonal. A gift just for the sake of giving a gift. Not so much fun. If it must be done, I would much rather giving a gift with meaning. A donation to a local charity would be a much better way to spend your $20 in my opinion.

I love thinking about what a person would enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, my gifts are not all the most creative. “One time when we were 14 you told me that you’ve always wanted to go for high tea, so I got you an afternoon at the Windsor Arms… after all these years, I remembered.” While I’d love to say that all the gifts I give are like that, it would be a lie. I do give gifts like coffee mugs, scarves and gift cards but only if I know that the recipient will actually enjoy them.

Some people say that hats and scarves are boring gifts. Not so for me. I love hats and scarves. Coffee cards, pjs, mugs, blankets, socks. I love them all. Because those are the things that I enjoy. I’m noticing that they also all keep me warm. I love the simplest of things and beige and grey… I love beige and grey…

A big box of Turtles would also be very well received from me this Christmas. It’s something that I would thoroughly enjoy but may not actually buy for myself. Turtles and a pair of beige wool socks… my feet are freezing.

So, while I’m not telling you to spend countless hours trying to remember what your family and friends have wished for over the last year; what their most favourite gift ever would be. I’m just saying to put a little thought into it. If I know a kid who loves playing games on his iPod touch an iTunes gift card will be very well received. If I know someone who loves to read, a copy of a classic like The Catcher in the Rye might be a really nice addition to his or her home library. You don’t need to break the bank to make someone happy.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, all it takes is a little thought. After all it really is the thought that counts.

Merry Christmas and happy gift giving!

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