What’s up with the sizing of kids’ clothes?

Ok…Is it just me? My daughter is almost 15 months old… she fits in 6-12 and 12-18 month at 2 stores. Another store she fits into 6-9m, another is 6-12, one is 1T, another is 3-6m and she even still fits in a 0-3 month hoodie from another brand. Like Really???

So basically all these companies are telling me…that…hmm… my kid is between the age of 0-2 years… ding-ding-ding! Thanks for coming out! LOL!

I totally get that kids come in all shapes in sizes just like we do.. but who makes these decisions…and why isn’t there some kind of “standards” they have to uphold to? That way…we’d have some sort of idea on what size our children wear during any given season.

Shoe sizes aren’t any different… she has a pair of sandals that are 3-6m…but she’s a size 3-4 shoe… what 3 month old that you know…or actually every seen has a size 4 foot? Little big foot maybe? I’m just floored by the difference from one brand to another…

I have to admit…I’m usually ahead of the game… her closet is organized by size and season (I know I think I may have OCD) and I always wash and have ready the higher size, just in case I have to start storing stuff she doesn’t fit in to… is that just being organized or do I have a real issue?

It has come to the point where when there’s something I see on sale…I buy it in a 2T or 3T… so I know it will at least eventually fit her. Am I the only parent that is having this issue? I can’t be…right?

Hmmm… this is probably why she’s got enough clothes until she’s 16, man I have to stop shopping.

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