Week of June 21

My niece finished high school this week. *sniffles* I can’t believe that she is 18! I remember when she was born. I remember changing her diaper. I remember when she started talking. Now she’s a full grown woman. She DRIVES. She has a job. She is intelligent and beautiful and kind.

I am old but I am oh so proud of her.


A one year old Tatyana next to 18 year old Tatyana at her prom. 

She grew up so fast, and my babies are right behind her.

~ Sandy

What touched your heart this week?

  • Tatyana

    AWWWW cuuutest!
    I love you too. *muah*
    P.S your babies are FAAAR behind!

  • Teresa I.

    Dang!!!! I make cute babies!!! I feel old. My baby is 18. How did this happen?! *sniffles*

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