Trying Just About Everything

The one thing I have come to realize over the past year is just how amazing the human body really is.

It’s smart enough to know when something isn’t right with a pregnancy and ends it before doctors even detect that something’s wrong.

It refuses to let you conceive before you are truly ready to handle the stress that comes with pregnancy…no matter how much you wish it would happen sooner.

After almost a year of trying after my first miscarriage I was definitely frustrated.

I had tried everything possible to figure out the best time to try to conceive: checking my basal body temperature every morning, peeing on an ovulation stick, checking the calendar each month, even trying fertility acupuncture…nothing seemed to work.

Finally, after all of the guessing and testing, our fertility clinic appointment had finally arrived. It was the morning before and we were ready to start filling in the five pages of screening questions.

But before we did I wanted to take one more pregnancy test just to have a stronger case. You see, my monthly cycle was usually consistent, but the odd time it was off by a week or so…believe me, this had lead to many unnecessary home pregnancy tests that always came up negative and my period would arrive the very next day.

I had a very light period that lasted about a day just a week or so before the test.  My plan was to take the home pregnancy test, knowing it would have a NEGATIVE result and bring it to my appointment the next morning and say, “This keeps happening, what gives?”

Did I mention the human body is an amazing thing?

Almost as soon as the pee hit the stick it came back stating POSITIVE. I nearly fainted and my husband couldn’t contain his excitement, yelling, “Woohoo!!!!” at the top of his lungs.

It turns out the light period was in fact implantation bleeding, not a period at all.

Even when I had conceived a year prior, which ended in a miscarriage, I had never had a home pregnancy test come back positive. I had to resort to a blood test telling me the good news.

Well this changed things! I called the fertility clinic and said “Um, I think I need to cancel my appointment for tomorrow morning.” The receptionist was very happy to hear my news and said to get a blood test to make sure.

I did, and it came back with the results that we had been waiting a very long time to hear.

I called the clinic back and the receptionist said, “Well dear, don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I never have to hear from you again.”

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