The Ugly Tooth

People keep telling me it will get better, that the sleepless nights will cease and Emma will fall into a great routine, and I believed them. Slowly but surely things got better, she began eating solids, her bath time routine down to the minute, napping twice a day, and the most miraculous, sleeping though the night! But lately she has done a 360° for the worst, waking up at all hours, not napping, crying inconsolably for hours on end, and refusing to eat, all because of TEETHING.

Ever since the beginning of August Em’s been irritable, as her sharp little pearly whites rise closer to the surface. Oh and she has it all. The irritability, the drooling, the coughing, a bad rash, both on her chin and in her diaper… the list can go on and I am sad to say that Tempra has become my best friend. I always thought I’d be the mom who would not result to drugging my child, that icy frozen fruit, teething rings and all other drug free measures were all better for her. But after about 3 weeks of tears, screeching and no sleep I caved in. And that night she SLEPT and woke up in 100% better mood!

Besides the Tempra, these are the remedies we have been arming ourselves with: A wet washcloth thrown in the freezer, frozen fruit in cheese cloth so she won’t choke on the pieces but gets all the nutrients from the fruit. (I was using the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder but after Emma got thrush I didn’t feel safe about using them again, the cheese cloth is just as effective and I can throw it away once she is done) icy cold drinks in her sippy cup. (Emma was only 5 month old when she started teething and not interested in her sippy cup at all, I tempted her by putting her first tasted of ice cold juice, the infant kind mixed with water, in the cup and she went to town). I also freeze her baby yogurt and she LOVES it that way. And when all else fails it’s Tempra and a good finger massage to the gum with mommy’s now well chewed on finger.

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