The Crap You Don’t Need

Bumbos. Wipe warmers. Sleep sacks. Jolly Jumpers.

Becoming a parent is a whirlwind not to mention overwhelming! And I don’t mean JUST because we are now responsible for these little human beings that we love more than anything in the world. Sure, that’s a lot to take in…but I ALSO mean because of the amount of STUFF that comes with them!

The stuff! OMG the STUFF! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and carried away when making that dreaded registry.

But what do you REALLY need? I mean REALLY?? Do you need an infant bathtub? How about a wipe warmer? There are so many things these days the we never had growing up and some of them are here for a reason and some…well…aren’t.

I know I have my own personal list of, “What was I thinking?” items but I also asked some of my other mommy friends to help out. It was actually pretty interesting to see how many items made the “NEED” and “DON’T NEED” list and also interesting that some items made it onto BOTH :


  • A good carrier/wrap. Don’t cheap out on these or else you won’t use it because it will be awkward and uncomfortable (I know this from personal experience).
  • Baby Breza. This is basically a Tassimo for formula. This is one thing you won’t know if you’ll need until you figure out if breast or formula is the right move for you and your baby(ies), but I can tell you form my personal experience I WISH it had existed when my twins were newborns.
  • I couldn’t have survived the first year without swings for the twins!
  • A good pump. Look into renting one that’s hospital grade.
  • Breastfeeding pillow. I got my Brest Friend double pillow and it was helpful even though I struggled for other reasons with breastfeeding.
  • Stroller cover for rain/winter
  • Wet bags (for when accidents happen or you have wet clothes to transport)
  • A good bottle sterilizer
  • Formula mixer
  • Bouncer
  • Pack and play
  • Diaper Genie
  • Portable bottle warmer
  • Jolly jumper
  • A change pad (vs a change table)
  • Sleep sacks. My kids LOVED being swaddled at first, then hated it and then it was the only thing that ensured a good night’s sleep for them and us. We went from the velcro swaddles to the zippidyzip slumber sacks to the no-sleeve sacks until they were almost two!


  • Sleep sacks. For some they were a waste of money, for me (as mentioned above) they were mandatory.
  • Portable bottle warmer. Personally boiling water did the trick for me. I just transported it in a thermos if I was going to be out and about.
  • Breastfeeding pillow.
  • For some it’s a waste, but for me and many others I know, it was worth it’s price in gold ten times over!
  • Get one that folds down, or one that has actual seats. I was so set on the one that converts from wheels to a sleigh…what was I thinking?!?
  • Wipe warmer
  • Peepee teepee
  • I used these to feed the twins in when I was done with breastfeeding, but for many they were a waste.
  • Pack and play
  • Bumbo
  • Expensive diapers bags
  • Receiving blankets (unless your baby has reflux then they’re a must)
  • Diaper Genie
  • Change table
  • Baby bath tub. We used one for the girls but I know other moms who, when away from home, would just lean a cutting board up against the side of the kitchen sink and rest their baby on it while they washed them. Simple but effective.

Becoming a parent is different for everyone. No two babies are the same, even twins. This is just my personal opinion on items that I fell in love with in theory and then had no use for when it came time to use them.


*I haven’t been paid or hired by any of the companies listed above.*

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