The Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer is now Better Than Ever!

At my baby shower for the twins years ago I received a gift that wasn’t on my registry. Not because I didn’t want it, but simply because I didn’t know about it. That gift was was the Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer and it’s still to this day one of the most useful items I have.

It’s not used daily, or sometimes even monthly, but when the girls are sick or show signs of being ‘off’ it’s the first thing I grab from their medicine bag.

When the twins were newborns in the NICU they were very comfortable having their temperature checked under their arms as that was part of their daily routine. But as they got older they became ticklish which made it increasingly more difficult to get a good temperature reading.

Thank goodness for the Braun Ear Thermometer! Not only is this thing quick but it’s also very accurate…and it (obviously) goes in the ear not under the arm so tickling isn’t a factor. If I’m being honest we couldn’t use the Braun thermometer when the girls were really young because they had tiny preemie ears and it actually wouldn’t fit. Thankfully by the time they became ticklish, their ears had also gotten bigger so it became a non-issue.

A few things when I compare the older model to the newer one:

1) The new model is more compact than its predecessor with about an inch less length. The temperature readings also seem to appear more quickly than the previous model.

2) The screen that shows the temperature is now on the back of the thermometer rather than the front, which means you don’t have to take it out of the ear and turn it over to read.

3) Another improvement is that it now has an LED screen so you don’t have to keep the lights on to see the temperature reading.

One of my favourite features of this thermometer is that it beeps to notify you if there’s an error or when the temperature is too ‘Low’ or too ‘High.’ I can’t tell you how many times I would search online because I couldn’t remember Celsius vs Fahrenheit and what actually constituted a fever.

My husband and I aren’t the only fans of this thermometer; the girls love it so much that they never fight us on checking their temperatures anymore, and they actually know how to use it…resulting in mommy and daddy’s temperatures being checked too. Very cute.

Thanks to the Braun Ear Thermometer my days of second guessing and taking precious time to search online have become a thing of the past.

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