Teething Troubles

What was the trickiest part of babyhood for you?

I guarantee for many of you, teething will be high up on the list. Cranky, fussy babies are never fun. Some babies aren’t able to sleep through the pain while others sleep longer. Some babies go on feeding strikes and refuse to nurse or take a bottle. Don’t even mention the never ending drool.

Every baby has different symptoms.

My babies were a little more needy when they were teething. They just needed a little extra love and care. Sometimes a fever would appear and sometimes not.

I spent many nights online googling, “how to ease baby teething pain?” and tried method after method.

Some of the suggestions may not be the safest options out there; did anyone’s grandparents ever recommend rubbing your babies gums with whiskey? Then there are new school methods that some mothers swear by such as amber teething necklaces, which actually have no scientific proof backing up the efficacy and can actually be quite dangerous.

It can be super overwhelming when as a parent, you are just desperately trying to find a way to make your little one better.

Teething rings work wonders as do anything that’s cold and offers babies something to chomp down on.

We used to put frozen fruit in a baby safe feeder and let our little guys bite down. It was our most successful teething tool. Both of our babies seemed to find intense relief from the pain with this easy to do trick.

Google “Baby teething” and you will happen upon thousands of websites offering tips and tricks to make it easier on your little ones.

Talk to your doctor about the safest and most successful teething options.

Visit your local pharmacy and stock up on baby pain reliever or even homeopathic remedies such as Camilia.

Yet don’t forget the simple home remedies like cold teething rings, frozen washcloths and my personal favourite, frozen fruit in a baby safe feeder.

I remember, right when we were at the peak of teething pain, I read an article stating that adults would have a difficult time handling the pain that comes with teething and it broke my heart. My little guy had been struggling for months. He was crying in pain and remained attached to my hip until that pearly white made its first appearance.

It was only after trying different pain relievers, giving him multiple teething rings and massaging his gums with washcloths that we discovered the magic of frozen fruit. And from that point on our baby feeder became our most prized possession.

Teething can often times be the most frustrating time of the baby years. Talk to your mom friends and most importantly your doctor about pain relief methods for your little ones. There is no reason your baby has suffer.

In the meantime, enjoy the extra loving cuddles that are coming in your direction as sometimes just a loving mom cuddle can make the process so much easier.


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