Stress: To be or Not to Be

As a Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist and seeker of all great things holistic; I am fully aware of the causes that can lead up to STRESS.

I educate and at times lecture to my patients, friends and family about how to detect and manage stress that may be lurking in their body, mind and spirit.

As a Woman, Friend, Sister, Girlfriend, Daughter, Grand Daughter- I seem to put the importance of helping others ahead of myself.

It came upon me one day while speaking to a friend about how “I don’t have TIME to take care of myself” …wait a minute… isn’t that exactly the excuse everyone else gives me?

I decided there and then that to achieve optimal wellness and health, I must put myself as the FIRST priority of the day.

Here Are Some Ideas I Came Up With To Put Myself First:

  • Preparing good, nutritious FOOD ahead of time for meals
  • Getting at least 7-8 hours of SLEEP/day
  • EXERCISE every day- even if its parking far and walking more
  • Drink lots and lots of WATER
  • Do NOT over work-Achieving great things come in time and not by over working
  • Surround yourself with people who make YOU smile
  • READ a book-to get your mind off every day life
  • HAVE FUN!!!

So stop over stressing about things that won’t matter tomorrow and get outside to enjoy the great weather and HAVE FUN!!

  • Wholykraft

    Yes! Deliberately including people who make you smile is essential, as people so often accidentally give you information that just makes you worry more, and about which you can’t DO anything!

    • Nicole Nifo


  • Donna Lyn

    great ideas,thanks.

  • Natoma

    I am definitely a ‘stress holder,’ meaning I hold stress in my muscles to the point that it gets painful.  I will definitely use your strategies!

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