Stars Talk Romance & Valentine’s Day Plans

Love is in the air!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, CelebrityBabyScoop asked some of our favorite celebrity moms how they keep the romance alive in their relationships. From Brooke Burke-Charvet‘s scheduled date nights, to Soleil Moon Frye‘s gadget-free time, to Eden Riegel‘s Valentine’s Day plans, read about how the stars keep the flame burning.

◦   Sheila Kelley:

Author and actress Sheila Kelley is bringing sexy back with a new campaign entitled, Redefining Sexy:  Believe In Your Beauty, which aims to redefine the terms “sexy” and “beauty” through a provocative video featuring true stories of real women.

Mom to Ruby, 12, and Gus, 18, with husband, actor Richard Schiff, Sheila opened up about keeping thing sexy in her marriage as well.

“My hub-man Richard Schiff and I are madly in love because he lets me be a woman, and I let him be a man,” she said.

“We balance each other and we have this love affair that’s like a dance of masculine and feminine energy,” Sheila added. “It’s divine. We both travel a lot for work and are sometimes apart for months at a time. He’s in New York right now for a role in Glengarry Glen Ross with Al Pacino. So I fly in to see him and we have these very intense romantic weekends at our favorite spots in Manhattan.”

◦   Kearran Giovanni:

Actress and mom Kearran Giovanni stars in the new hit TNT drama Major Crimes, the spinoff of the critically acclaimed series The Closer.

The actress- mom to daughters, Jordan, 4, and Peyton, 2, with husband Philip Ambrosino –chatted about keeping the flame burning in their relationship.

“We switch off roles constantly,” she shared. “And we have a set Thursday night date night.”

◦   Rosie Pope:

Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope and husband Daron Pope are parents to three kids: sons J.R., 4, Wells, 2, and 9-month-old daughter Vivienne.

The maternity concierge dished about keeping the romance alive in their busy household.

“This is going to sound corny but we are still so in love and we love being a family more than anything so even if we are at home, once the kids are in bed, we always make time to sit down together over a glass of wine,” Rosie said. “I think whether it’s a date night or a glass of wine on the coach it’s just about finding that time together.”

◦   Melissa Joan Hart:

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch alum Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, are parents to three sons: Mason, 7, Brady, 4, and Tucker, 5 months.

The Melissa & Joey star shared how her and her hubby are keeping the romance alive in their busy household.

“We are so in love with our children and family,” MJH said. “It helps our bond grow even stronger!”

◦   Jennie Finch:

Olympic medalist Jennie Finch and husband, MLB star Casey Daigle, are proud parents to three kids: sons Ace, 6, and Diesel, 1, and 1-month-old daughter Paisley.

Just weeks before Paisley’s arrival, the Olympic mom talked about making time for romance.

“It’s not easy and like a lot of parents we struggle in this area,” Jennie admitted.

“We love being with our boys and with me traveling so much for work we hate to spend a night out,” she added. “Usually it’s just quiet dinners and nights at home as a family. Many times, too, we will go out for a lunch date while Ace is at school. We just enjoy the time we have whether it’s a few minutes or we’re outside playing with the boys all together as a family.”

◦   Joan Lunden:

Beloved Good Morning America host Joan Lunden and husband Jeff Konigsberg have a busy household with two sets of twins. Not to mention, Joan is also mom to three grown daughters from her previous marriage.

How do they keep the romance alive while managing a family-of-nine?

“You have to make date nights, as they are essential when you have children,” said Joan.

“They give you a chance to finish a sentence [laughs],” she added. “We are also big on the family meal, and we have a really supportive atmosphere in the family. Whenever I am doing something, my husband is incredibly supportive. When the cookware line first came out, he said to the kids, “Let’s go to the store with mommy and go see it!”

She went on to talk about maintaining a close-knit family.

“We are also very active as a family, and I think a great way to keep romance alive in a relationship is to play tennis together, go hiking together, go skiing together, etc. A little competitiveness and activity brings up vitality in a relationship,” Joan said. “That’s also important to me. For women, if they want to get more exercise in their schedule and work out, then they should see if they can get their husbands involved in it. I think it puts a certain kind of vibrancy and vitality back into a relationship.”

◦   Samantha Harris:

Former Dancing with the Stars co-host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Samantha Harris and husband Michael Hess are parents to daughters Josselyn, 5, and Hillary, 2.

With two young kids in the house, Samantha opened up about keeping things romantic in their hectic household.

“Funny. Just as I am doing this interview, my hubby is sitting next to me looking up movie show times for this weekend,” shared Samantha.

“We have been bad about leaving the girls for date nights but recently began trying harder to schedule those,” she added. “So the plan is to try to get in at least 2 weekend nights in a month. It’s so hard to leave our sweet girls when we have time to be together as a family all weekend. I think the romance comes in seeing him be such an amazing hands-on Daddy. It makes me even more in love with him when I watch how he makes the girls giggle or when we can share a glance, that only a married couple can, when watching our little ones do something impressive or adorable!”

◦   Lisa Loeb:

Singer Lisa Loeb and husband Roey Hershkovitz are parents to daughter Lyla, 3, and son Emet, 8 months.

With youngsters in the house, it can be difficult to keep the romance alive. But Lisa told us that they lean on their support systems to enjoy some one-on-one time together.

“We try to stay organized, utilize our support systems, like our nanny and the grandparents, and communicate,” Lisa shared.

“We also try to look at it as a process of learning how to make the right choices as we continue to move forward,” she added. “We try to have the weekly date night, but it’s not always weekly. It’s a priority, and we have to remind ourselves a lot.”

◦   Elisabeth Röhm:

Actress Elisabeth Röhm and fiancé Ron Anthony Wooster are parents to 4-year-old daughter Easton.

The Law & Order star admits that having a preschooler can be demanding, and definitely makes romance challenging.

“That’s probably a bigger challenge,” Elisabeth told Celebrity Baby Scoop of making time for romance. “I don’t know, I wish everybody luck with that one [laughs].”

◦   Cree Summer:

Actress Cree Summer and her partner have a daughter, Brave Little Wing, and they’re currently expecting their second child.

Cree opened up about their Valentine’s Day plans.

“Hopefully to not be the size of the Hindenburg by then [laughs],” she joked. “My Valentine’s Day plan is to just have a safe, healthy birth and a beautiful, healthy baby.

◦   Brooke Burke-Charvet:

Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet shocked fans with her recent cancer scare. The mom-of-four kids – daughters Neriah, 12, Sierra, 10, Rain, 6, and son Shaya, 4 – is sharing her inspirational story of recovery.

As well, she talk about keeping the romance alive with husband David Charvet.

“We schedule date nights, we make our relationship a priority, and we try to have our alone time when the kids are sleeping,” Brooke shared.

“We make sure that we make each other feel loved. In my opinion, the secret to a successful marriage is honesty, attention, commitment, communication, and chemistry,” she added.

◦   Eden Riegel:

When Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with The Young and the Restless star Eden Riegel last month, she wasn’t sure if her husband Andrew Miller had any romantic plans for Valentine’s Day.

“I sure hope my husband has something planned, because I haven’t thought about it at all [laughs],” she joked.

The pair are parents to 1-year-old son Jack.

◦   Soleil Moon Frye:

Punky Brewster alum Soleil Moon Frye and husband Jason Goldberg are parents to daughters Poet, 7, and Jagger, nearly 5.

The actress opened up about making time for each other and keeping the romance alive after 14 years of marriage.

“Making time for each other, putting our gadgets and other distractions away and having time to be one on one,” she said. “It can be as simple as spending time together after the kids go to sleep, catching up on life, and making the effort to connect.”

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