Spontaneous Napping

Confession: I’ve always been jealous (in the nicest way possible) of mom’s who tell the story of their baby falling asleep while playing.

You know the ones:

“Little Johnny fell asleep in his exersaucer today! So cute!”

“Hazel was eating and just feel asleep in her peas! And she love peas!”

“Bella was building a tower and I found her asleep in all the blocks! What an angel!”

“I can’t believe that every day like clockwork, Ben falls asleep at 10am for three hours no matter where he is! Yesterday I found him asleep while crawling up the stairs!”


You know the stories. You may even have some yourself. You’re lucky.

Believe me when I say that my babies NEVER did this. Sleep was always planned and always took a lot of effort. Save for stroller walks with my son — those usually had him asleep in minutes. We did not experience spontaneous napping.

Until this one time, at dad camp… I was out grocery shopping alone and received a text (no smart phones back then) with a, “You’re never going to believe what just happened…” from my husband.


This is what happens when I’m alone with daddy.


Lucky bastard.

  • Daisy

    Too bad it was a one-time event

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