Speak for the Trees

Last Sunday I took my daughter out to see a pre-screening of the movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, courtesy of Seventh Generation.  I well remember the book and my constant nagging to my parents and sibling about littering and how I wanted to save this world for my children and my children’s children’s children. I would even sprout lines from the story at them when I saw them doing a “no-no to nature”. Now that the book has gotten the big-screen treatment from the animation team behind “Despicable Me” I advise you all to take your family to go see it.

My daughter loved it! She didn’t talk or cry or annoy the heck out of me during the hour and a half film, and for a 23 month old to sit through a 3D movie (Glasses ON at ALL times mind you) and not move her eyes from the screen was miraculous in itself!

I found The Lorax to be a warm, fond adaptation of the book that manages to be funny and entertaining without being preachy or pandering. The movie opens today, March 2, 2012, what would have been Dr. Seuss’108th birthday. So what better way to celebrate it then to take the family out this weekend, see The Lorax, laugh a little, eat too much popcorn, and maybe, just maybe plant a tree. Because as the Lorax says “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

  • Baby Bottom Line

    We were there too! Didn’t run into you :(

  • Random

    made me want to see it…and i don’t have kids!

  • Adina H.

    My sister took my 3-yr-old nephew to see this movie recently, and he really enjoyed it. He LOVES the book, and I think it was fun for him to see the characters animated. I look forward to seeing this movie!

  • sarah m

    My daughter loved this movie and sat right through it with her entire jk/sk class great movie and amazing story!!

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