Snuggle Up and Read!

Routine is something that has been a part of our family since the very beginning. One of the first routines we put in place was a bed time routine. Story time has been a huge part of  our bedtime routine from the very beginning, in fact I read to both my children before they were even born. I love reading and I wanted to pass on my passion for books to my kids.

Our personal library keeps growing and  we like to change up our books often but we definitely have some favourites in this house.
Here are our top five bedtime books for babies

5: Sing a song of Mother Goose by Barbara Reid: A perfect way to introduce the classic mother goose rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and Patty Cake. The illustrations are simply stunning and the shorter rhymes keep baby happy and entertained.

4: Where is Baby’s Belly Button by Karen Katz: My little ones loved guessing where Baby’s belly button could be found. They couldn’t wait to see what was hiding behind the lift flaps on each page. It’s also a fun way to teach baby about parts of their body.

3: Madeline by Ludwing Bemelman: A classic tale about a spunky little girl named Madeline. The original book was published in 1939 and from there spun sequel stories. The whimsical rhyming way the story is told is a pleasure to read and to listen to. Who doesn’t love reading about those “12 little girls in two straight lines”?

2: Oh the places you’ll go: This was one of my go to’s when I was pregnant. I received the book as a shower gift and I couldn’t put it down. I just fell in love with the life lessons scattered amongst the pages. With each page I saw my babies life unfolding and grew more excited to meet them and see them grow. From the first time I opened the pages for them they each were so drawn to the colourful illustrations found inside and the message continues to be something I want to instill in them.

1: Love you Forever by Robert Munsch: There is a reason Robert Munsch is one of my favourite children’s authors, he spins some of the most beautiful, smart and witty tales I have had the joy of sharing with my kids. I love that I get to read the same stories that I fell in love with as a kid to my own family. My eyes filled with tears as I read Love you forever to Mr. T while he was still in the NICU. It continues to make me emotional and is the perfect way to end busy days, reminding my little ones just how much I love them.

Story time can be such great bonding experience with your kids and if you begin from the time they are babies it quickly becomes routine. Finding great books to share with your little bundles can make a huge difference in fostering their love for reading. We have our faves in our house that remain in constant rotation no matter how many other stories are added to the mix.

So put on your jammies, snuggle up and get reading. There is no better way to end your day than sharing a wonderful story with your babies.

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