Seek and you shall find: My search for potty training help from Pull-Ups

Potty training can be daunting, especially for a first time mom like me, so in anticipation to the great potty training war of 2012; I have been looking over some online info from Pull-Ups to come up with the best strategies and tactics to assist Dilemma and myself in making the transition from diapers to potty.

In reviewing their webpage I learned how to prepare Dilemma and myself for potty training success, they had many insightful articles, but I especially liked reading the Potty Project Blogs written by other moms who are going thought potty training with their own toddlers. I particularly like the one by Isa’s Mom, I found keen tips and tricks that I never would have thought of using during our potty training, such as a potty doll, and that peeing in the potty one second, but pooping in the tub the next is totally normal for our tiny terrors. I also enjoyed the expert advice article Potty Training Then and Now by Jen Singer. My mother swears that she had me potty trained by 14 months, and nags me daily about Emma not having reached this milestone by 22 months. It bothered me a lot, making me feel a bit of a failure, doubting myself, but finding out that I wasn’t the only parent to be told these things lessened my guilt tremendously. Emma will potty train when SHE is ready, not when someone else tells her to. I found a lot of the tips and expert advice from doctors and other professionals have empowered me for “Mission Poop in Potty.” It doesn’t feel so daunting anymore; my munchkin and I can have fun while we do the “Potty Dance”, Dilemma decided on the ROCK themed music, which was secretly my favorite too! (She is SO my kid) and there are so many other great games and rewards to be found on their sight.

Dilemma doing the Potty Dance.

I also like the fact that they set up their webpage in stages. Since Dilemma and I are just starting out on our potty training adventure we are on the “Getting Started” Stage, and as we progress to the “Keeping It Going” Stage and “The Big Finish” Stage all the articles, tips and advices grows with us! There is no mindless searching through articles and advice to find the answer pertaining to the questions you have about the different stages of potty training you are at! And when you’re a busy mom, as all of us are, any time saver is appreciated!

Lastly, I am in love with the iGo Potty App Pull-Ups has introduces for the iPhone and Android phones! This FREE app is going to make potty training that much easier and fun for both of us! Dilemma loves all things electronic and off-limits, the PS3, our laptops; she just has to get her hands on it! She also LOVES my iPhone, so the fact that Patty the Potty phones Dilemma to remind her “It’s time to use the potty!” has her enthralled, she keeps asking if the potty has called her yet. It also has some easy games and fun sound effects and music that I can use to keep her entertained while she’s on the potty. It will help immensely when we are out and about and in PT mode.

I think you’re supposed to take the Pull-Up off…

Over all I found the Pull-Ups site to be insightful, easy to navigate and had fun looking into all the information for our next big leap! Thank you Pull-Ups for making me feel in control of the potty! And making potty training that much easier and fun for both of us!

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  • Sandra

    They will potty train when they are ready. All kids are different and there can be tantrums and tears if you try to push them too early (for Mom too)

  • Anna

    Yes, they all have their own schedule for milestones – walking, talking, replacing milk bags (though that one is iffy!) My husband had an excellent method. He let them walk around without any pants or diapers on (summer activity obviously) in the house. He would watch them and when he saw that they had to go  (and most parents know the signs) he would encourage them to use the potty. Worked well (especially the girls) because they didn’t like to soil themselves. This was done after an intro to the potty so that they knew what it was for. Most important, don’t get upset, uptight or frustrated. Stay calm or it’s just another way for her to drive you crazy!
    Good luck.PS – better if you don’t have carpeting or if you have a nicely screened back yard! hahaha 

  • Christina

    This may be rumour but I heard someone say that they could potty train a kid in one day! Oh – hang on, the person saying it doesn’t have any kids.
    She says it was an episode of Oprah.

  • Baby Bottom Line

    M was in underwear by 18 months…took about a week of constant work. Then constant reminders…treats and sticker charts…LOL

    She picked it up really quickly… but I have friends that their children…just took longer. M was the first out of my group that was trained, and she was the youngest. They’ll do it when they’re ready :)

  • Tarapalmer73

    My son started going on the potty just after his first birthday. I know it is early and I am not pushing him to potty train. But he knows what the potty is for and he also knows when he is going pee pee and even poo poo. He isn’t at the point yet to let me know ahead of time to get him to the potty, but that will come. I do plan on doing the “Diaper off” approach when it is time. 

  • Sheezaarshad

    Trainning my first one was such a nightmare both for him and me, i started too early at 15 months because my mom kept telling me that i was trained at 12 months. After having three kids of my own i find that hard to believe.
    With my second one i know that its easier when you know they are ready and willing instead of dragging them to the potty, that was traumatic…
    Just stay calm through the process

  • t_fraser

    We are struggling with this right now!

  • Aimee_faye

    I didn’t want to push my l’il guy either, instead waiting for him to decide when he was ready. That worked great, but now that the novelty has worn off (and the reward system no longer appeals), our progress has stalled. I also want to know how to get him to stop peeing in his sleep.

  • Michaeline Pashley

    Thanks for the wonderful post! We are attempting potty training with our 2yo… not going well so far!

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