Santa Scared the Crap out of my kid …

One night we were in the mall near our place and there was NO line-up to see Santa (I know when does that happen, right?). So we figured, why not just do it now? Wow… what a mistake. I tend to just get the CD of the pictures for $25 instead of paying $12 for 1 5×7 and then print them out at Wal-mart, but maybe I’ll skip this year! What an experience…man oh man.

We got the front of the line and she looked all excited until we took one step forward. Good Lord she freaked out! Screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO!” We tried to bribe her with candy…nothing, toy…nothing, so it got to the point where I basically made him hold her. Her hands flew straight up in the air (to try to slide down his knee) and she clipped him in the chin (yes my kid punched Santa lol). They snapped a few shots as she got to the ground for her great escape. They even got a few pictures of her running away from him towards the camera. Completely classic, but she was terrified.

It got to the point where the whole family had to take a few shots with good ol’ Saint Nick just to keep her from freaking out! I have to admit the family ones did some out nice but having the proof that my little 30-inch, blonde hair, blue eyed “elf” was scared of Santa, and pretty much beat the snot out of him, is worth way more than I could have asked for.

I thought it was the funniest thing (after getting over the embarrassment of her freaking out) but what does this mean now? Will Santa stop by our place? Does that mean she’s naughty? Nah…she’s got no clue who Santa even is. So Christmas will go on, she will be spoiled, and I have the best story to tell everyone at her wedding… with the pictures to prove it!

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