Q & A: My five week old won’t sleep through the night

I have a five week old baby and I don’t know how to get him to sleep through the night. I breast feed him but I would like to try to introduce the bottle so that my husband can give it to him at least once at night so I can get some more sleep. My baby only sleeps for two and a half hours.


Hi Alba,

Congratulations on your new addition! It sounds like you’re very tired, so I think that introducing a bottle may be a good idea. Since your husband is willing, let him give your son the bottle. (If you try, he will smell you and then he will most likely prefer breast over bottle) Make sure you do this every night, at the same time. Your baby may not like it at first, but don’t give up trying. If you don’t persist, there is a chance that he will never be interested in a bottle. Hopefully,  with your husband’s help, you and your son will get longer stretches of sleep during the night.
Good luck!

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