Push Presents

Ahhh the push present. The first time I was pregnant and ready to give birth I liked the idea of a present for pushing. I like receiving gifts… why not? I’ve just given up a lot of stuff for nine months plus, it seemed only natural that my husband would want to shower me with gifts.

I’m actually surprised that Hallmark hasn’t caught on yet. Or have they? Do they have push present cards? They could read something like:

“Thanks for labouring for 30 hours and pushing for six. I love you.”

“I love you more after seeing you go through that for our baby and I.”

“You are an amazing pusher and I’m glad to call you my baby mama!”

“You’re my favourite pusher.”

“Thanks for not hitting me during labour & delivery. Here’s a gift.”

“Labour and Delivery. You are the best at it.”

“I know they just cut into your abs and you may never be the same again, but here’s this card and a chocolate rose.”

“Better you than me!”


I did get a lovely ring the first time and the second time I received a nice bracelet. My ring no longer fits me and my bracelet is in my jewelry box… but that’s just me.

What is so clear in my mind is my husband saying thank you to me after my forcep delivery. (That is clear in my mind along with the uncontrollable shakes that just wouldn’t stop.)It was the most genuine thank you I’ve ever received. I felt it where it counts. No present could top that.

I’m really not trying to be all puppies and rainbows, but no present can thank someone enough for being pregnant and for bringing a new life into the world. The real reward is this new life that you miraculously created.

The first time I was all, “Hell to the yes you’re going to get me a good present.” The second time I was more like, “Meh. A present is nice, sleep is better.”

But honestly, the best present I received* was about three years ago when my husband and I were on our way to pick up the kids and we were talking about childbirth —this is common around these parts — and he looked at me and said,


“Sandy, after seeing you go through childbirth, I just want you to know that if it was up to me I wouldn’t do it. I’m sorry.”

Now that, my readers, was my most favourite push present of all. My body was responsible for bringing our beautiful babies into this world because we wanted them and we love them so much. What I did, now that is awe-inspiring and the recognition and gratitude from my husband, who is an amazing father, is present enough.

But hey, if you want to buy me a present for going through the most amazing experience of my life, I’m not going to say no. Bring it.


*I say this but obviously the best present is always the baby. I feel like this is a given but just in case you were wondering about me.

  • Chantalthewriter

    I didn’t ask for a push present, but I got one. More like a “I wouldn’t do it so I’m glad you did” present, but whatever. I like presents just because… “Tuesday” is as good a reason as any ;)

    • Anonymous

      Tuesday presents rock! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/MamaAsh77 EverythingMomandBaby

    I got a ring.  I don’t expect anything for the twins though.  My ring can symbolize all 3 of my little sweethearts as there’s a diamond on each side of the heart.

  • Amandamike

    my husband didn’t so much as give a “thank you” when our first was born.  I didn’t care about a “push present” until this point, but after that, and then after giving birth to our second daughter, I made sure he knew that I expected at least the acknowledgement of my efforts and the endless list of discomforts that pregnancy brings.  Needless to say I am now sporting a gorgeous ring that represents both of our girls, and now I do truly feel that he appreciates what I went through.  Having said that, our girls are the real gift, and a simple “thank you” would have been fine (but don’t tell him that…haha)

  • saima

    Im with you, who is going to complain about getting a present for such hard work? But I dont like the idea of someone expecting one.

  • Baby Bottom Line

    We joke about it in this house… I didn’t get a push present for either kids… why…. bc hubby said I cheated and hate 2 c-sections! nice…. lol

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