Peas on Earth By: Todd H. Doodler

This cute and colourful board book is sure to give you warm and fuzzies while teaching your little ones to be loving and caring. Clever word play and a green theme of peace on earth suggests that we should all get along — even cats and mice. Pop-up, peaceful peas are sure to please. I instantly fell in love with this book. It is easily one of the sweetest books I’ve read with my kids. ~ Sandy


Peas on Earth uses a simple play on words to portray the basic concepts of peace, harmony, getting along with all kinds of people, and being green in a manner that young kids will grasp. And it will resonate more as they grow older. Adult caregivers will chuckle over the peas/peace references while young children will relate to the important messages about our earth and those of us who live on it.  The artwork is colorful, charming, and perfect for the board book crowd. And, as an added value, there is a simple pop-up at the end of the book.

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