My Muse

Well let’s start off by introducing you to my almost four year old. Her name is Sara. She is a pretty little blonde girl with a ton of personality. She loves to have fun outdoors, and is often seen swimming around the Therapy Pool at our favourite Mississauga pool. She has been swimming since she was six months and hasn’t looked back. She’s almost swimming unassisted now, but she is still learning that she has to actually come up for a breath once in a while.

When we are not swimming or playing outside, we are usually inside playing with dolls and toys and more dolls and more toys. Sara loves to do crafts, occasionally doing so without our consent. “But Mommy, I didn’t really need this book anyways, I read it like a THOUSAND times!” Of course then I follow up with “But! That was a gift from your Aunt! Grrrrrrr”. Somehow she makes it almost impossible to be mad at her though, it’s her overall cuteness that gets me every time.

From the moment she was born we have all thought that she was ahead of her age group. At only three days old she was lifting her body up while holding my fingers. She has an impeccable memory and often brings up things that happened to her when she was one. She often remembers certain situations and which people were present. She was speaking in three or four word sentences shortly after her first birthday, and full sentences 90% of the time by the time she was two.

People would stop me in stores while I was having conversations with her and complement me on her speech. One person even came up to me and said that she could not believe how articulate she was at such a young age. I laughed and said thanks as usual. Compliments from complete strangers were a common thing when travelling with Sara. I think that’s why she finds it so easy to talk to strangers herself now, it’s all she’s known.

I thought of this idea for my blog when having a girl’s dinner at Red Lobster. I will save our discussions for next time though. There were a few interesting conversations that night…

And there, my friends, is my muse. Her name is Sara, and she is wonderful. Now that I’m done my Mommy bragging, the floor is open to all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there. What does your little one(s) do that grabs your heart?


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