My kid is a genius… I know it!

It’s funny sometimes…. I read to my almost 16 month old every day in one form or another. She loves books…and is starting to remember and say back her colours..and animals… numbers…and letters..not there just quite yet.

Me… being her Mom…thinks she’s totally ahead of where she should be especially because her corrected age is at about 14 months. She listens to what I say…which I’m actually finding really weird and hard to grasp…and I’m the adult…go figure. I tell her to “come here” or “don’t touch that” and she does what I tell her to do. Man… the dog doesn’t listen as well as she does.

She over analyzes everything…which she probably gets from me…she cleans up her toys when asked and she says back colours and animals when she’s in the mood. Ask her what she wants and she points to it and says “That”…you say “This?”… she shakes her head if you’re wrong and says “THAT”…as if I didn’t hear her the first time.. LOL. I get the dirty look when I miss what she’s talking about more than once.. which brings me to flashes of a 16 year old standing in-front of me…that I won’t give the car keys too. Man… I’m in trouble!

I really honestly think she is really…really smart. She looks at you like she’s really…really understanding and taking in everything. When you tell her (or someone else) a story..she hangs on your every word and even has the right facial expressions at the right moments. It’s actually pretty funny!

When she does things like put the shapes in the cookie jar… she does it… quickly.. and even knows how to turn the music on and off. When she puts blocks into her bin…it’s by colour. Yep… she takes all the green..then…blue..then…red…then yellow. It’s the weirdest thing because there is more than one of each colour. I guess it’s her OCD starting to develop…or she could simply be a genius…. Yep.. that’s what it is…. It has to be… she’s going to save the world one day… I know it.

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