My baby loves sunscreen

Looks like I’ve done something right in this parenting game: I’ve taught my kids to wear sunscreen. My son, (he’s almost eight and so over it) used to cry and scream that he didn’t want us to put sunscreen on him. Now, he still doesn’t love it, but he doesn’t put up a fight anymore. I think he’s figured out that when it comes to sunscreen application around here, resistance is futile.

My daughter on the other hand… she loves applying it. Spray, cream, mousse (sometimes all three) she loves to put it on herself and she really doesn’t miss a spot.  It’s cute, and, if I’m to be honest, sometimes annoying because she will often apply it on a rainy day just because, well, she has to wear sunscreen.

It still shocks me when I hear that not everyone wears sunscreen. Obviously we spend more time outdoors in the summer months, and more of our skin is exposed so we should use more sunscreen, but really you should wear it all year.

We are diligent about reapplying sunscreen after swimming or any kind of excessive sweating caused by outdoor fun. I also follow a general rule to apply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors. I often look for shade and always make my kids wear a hat. That – like sunscreen application – is not an option.

Now that my kids are in school full time, I’m happy to pack a bottle of sunscreen in their backpacks and I know that they are putting it on before they go outside. Get your little ones used to protecting themselves early in life and make sunscreen application a part of your everyday routine. Before you know it your baby will be slathering on the sunscreen just like my daughter does. (Stock up in the sales!)

I was pretty happy to have received a nice little package from Coppertone — because, as you’ve probably figured out, we go through a lot of sunscreen around here.

My daughter’s newest favourite sunscreen: Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Mousse in an SPF 60. The high SPF part is my favourite. She likes that it’s a mousse and it’s fun to put on.

Do you make sunscreen application part of your daily routine? Coppertone is my brand of choice, what is the brand that you like to use?

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Coppertone to write this. While I did receive a package from them, and I am often sent sunscreens made by different manufacturers to sample, it has remained my brand of choice.

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