Mommy kisses, ice packs, Band-Aids and their healing properties

Little bumps and bruises happen a lot around here.

I am a firm believer that when watching your baby tumble, your reaction has a lot to do with how they handle their fall.

For example: you’re sitting at the kitchen table and are watching your baby girl toddle around your living room. She trips over a toy and lands flat on her face. You react like this: “GASP!!! OH MY GOSH! Are you ok?” as you run over to her she starts to FREAK out. In my opinion, her reaction is likely not because she has seriously injured herself, but you probably frightened her by overreacting. Before she has been able to assess her situation, she is scared because you have rushed over and are fussing over her.

I have perfected the cool and calm reaction to falls. I always hold my breath when something happens and watch how they react. Sometimes they just skip a beat and get on with it, and other times they start to cry. While my heart races and jumps out of my chest I can calmly say, “oops” while slowly walking over to my fallen child. They mostly just get back up again and continue with their activity but sometimes they need a little reassurance that all is well in their world.

The littlest paper cut can elicit the loudest, open-mouthed, blood-curdling scream from either one of my kids. When there is a scrape, scratch, bump or the beginning of a bruise, you know what works for me? A little kiss on the injured area, offering them an ice pack, mostly because they like all things cold and normally untouchable and let’s face it — ice packs act as a wonderful distraction. Showing them compassion and genuine concern also goes a long way. A hug and some kind words definitely help my kids get back up again.

Sometimes a tiny fall frightens them in a big way. I find that when all else fails… for minor injuries of course, Band-Aids have magical healing properties. I can’t begin to tell you how many times a Band-Aid has cured my child. I don’t know if it’s because they are basically stickers for boo boos or because we sometimes hope that just by covering something up it will go away.

When my daughter is freaking out because she hurt her <insert any body part here> as soon as I offer her a Band-Aid, she perks up and is almost instantly better.

I will admit that I do keep Band-Aids handy. I know it’s a quick fix and really doesn’t teach them anything, but it’s amazing how a little adhesive bit of plastic can make everything ok. It actually has ‘extra’ healing powers if it is of the Hello Kitty, Barbie or Dora the Explorer variety.

What works for you?


*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Band-Aid and while I realize that it’s a brand name, I use the word freely. My house tends to be very brand loyal, but we do not discriminate when buying these little magic strips. I will also often use a “Kleenex” to wipe tears away. See what I did there?

  • Stefter

    My kids are quite a bit older than yours so no more Band-aids, but hugs still work on my second born.

  • Sylviasteve

    Ice packs go a long way in our house!

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