Marissa Jaret Winokur Hopes For Baby No. 2: “We’re Not Giving Up Yet”

After performing in Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl last summer and recently appearing onThe Talk, Marissa Jaret Winokur is returning to scripted TV in the sitcom, Retired at 35. The Dancing with the Stars alum opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her adorable son Zev and plans for the future.

Marissa also shares her hopes to welcome another child. She describes her “different feeling” trying to get pregnant with a surrogate the second time around. Even though Marissa and husband Judah Miller have been “trying for a year” and they’re “still not pregnant,” the actress says it’s made her “even more grateful for Zev.” Continue reading about Marissa’s upcoming clothing line, her new sitcom and her hilarious – and very “imaginative” – 3-year-old son.

CBS: Tell us about your son Zev. What is he into?

MJW: “He’s into driving me up the wall! Honestly, on the one hand I want to laugh, but on the other hand I want to cry! The other night I said to him, ‘Zev I am at my wits’ end with you.’ And he looked up at me and repeated, ‘I’m at my wits’ end with you!’ I was like, ‘Do I laugh or get really mad?’ So I just walked out of the room very slowly.

The thing is, he’s so much like me. I just look at him and I know what he’s thinking at all times. I know what he’s about to do. He’s very independent, but at the same time he’s very clingy. He’s such a typical 3-year-old boy. He’s like, ‘Hi mama, I gotta go poopy, I can do this myself. Don’t come in.’ But then in the middle of the night he’ll be saying, ‘Mama, we need to cuddle. Come into my room and cuddle with me.’ He’s got me wrapped around his little finger.

His favorite thing right now is karate. He just loves it! He is so disciplined at that. I wish he could be like that at home! He knows everything and does everything the instructor says. He doesn’t speak out. But at home, I call him a wild animal! I’ll ask him, ‘Are you being a wild animal? Because if you are, go into your room and be a wild animal.’ But it’s totally our fault for letting him get away with that – I’m aware of that! I’m like, ‘We have to walk away!’ But instead I’ll go and test the wild animal!

He goes to preschool and loves it. He loves gymnastics too. He really wants to do piano lessons but I can’t find anybody that will do piano lessons under age 4. I gave my girlfriend’s 2-year-old a set of drums as an obnoxious gift. It was a ‘Ha, ha, love you’ gift. So for Zev’s birthday, she gave us this huge keyboard. So my son will play that thing and make as much noise as possible. So every day he asks, ‘Is today my piano lesson?’ I’ve been calling around and there’s nobody that will give piano lessons before the age of 4.”

To hear about Marissa’s plans for baby number two, her new sitcom and her fashion line, please see the entire interview here.

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