Life with ‘Threenagers’

Okay, I had heard it from almost ALL of my friends: Whenever I would complain about the girls’ attitudes when they turned two they just kept telling me, “Just wait until they turn three, it’s even worse!”

I honestly had some serious doubts about the validity to their comments. I mean, the ‘terrible two’s’ were definitely REAL, how could it possibly get ANY WORSE?

Well let me be the first to admit that I was wrong!

The girls are just days away from their third birthdays and a couple of weeks ago my husband and I definitely noticed a difference.

I’m not really sure how to even describe it. They still have opinions about EVERYTHING which started in their two’s. But it’s almost as if those opinions are now combined with estrogen enraged attitudes…almost as if they’re teenagers in the body of toddlers…aka ‘threenagers.’

They don’t just throw tantrums anymore, now those tantrums are coupled with pouting, dirty looks and just plain attitude!

What do they throw fits about you ask? Well, lately they’ve developed a few obsessions; like certain TV shows. Heaven forbid we turn the show off before the episode is over… look out!

Some of our ‘threenagers’ current obsessions include:

– the Octonauts

– Paw Patrol

– Arthur

– picking their nose … and eating it (this is one twin in particular)

– washing their own hair in the bath

– or the exact opposite…having no soap whatsoever in the bath

– NOT wearing socks

– playing with items in our ‘junk drawer’

– doing their ‘makeup’

– NOT brushing their hair

– using specific bowls for certain snacks

– Mommy reading every night…NOT Daddy

– they’re very particular about which pair of underpants they wear

– everything MUST be in their preferred location at the dinner table

So if anything doesn’t go right with any of the aforementioned items there’s usually an 85% chance that a ‘threenager’ tantrum will follow.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the day is awesome! They are funny little girls who like to mimic everything they see and hear, which makes for some very cute and amusing moments. But during those minutes that feel like hours in a day when the ‘threenager’ rears it’s head, well, those moments are definitely ‘memorable.’

I guess there is a bright side to this…at least my husband and I will know what to expect when they are in fact teenagers.

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