Keep Kids Busy This Summer Break

As we near the middle of summer break, you might be running out of ideas to keep your children entertained. With six kids ranging in age from 15 months to 26 years old, I’ve had to be very creative throughout the years. Below are a few activities and outings that have worked for my family during summer break – I hope they will work for your family too!

We LOVE Camp: Growing up, my children often attended summer camps. Some were traditional weeklong overnight camps that gave my children rich experiences and great memories. While others were athletic or activity day camps. There are science camps, volleyball camps, golfing camps, arts and crafts and drama camps, available in most cities and towns across the country. My kids loved these types of day camps because they were able to get outside, meet new people, learn new things and be active while still coming home at night, sleeping in their own beds and enjoying family dinners. Research camps in your area, and sign your child up today!

Get Outdoors: One of my favorite family activities has always been going to the beach. Not everyone lives near the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, all-day outing in your area. A day at the lake or a picnic at the park are both excellent alternatives. My suggestions include packing drinks and snacks, coloring books, an umbrella for shade, a blanket, a change of clothes and anything else you can think of to make the day extra special and fun. Enjoy your time together relaxing and making memories under the summer sun.

Stay In: Sometimes you’ve just got to stay indoors, and when you have an “indoors day” there’s still plenty to do. My kids loved making movies; we often had too much fun with stop-action home movies during a day in. Other fun indoor activities include watching a movie, building a fort or making crafts. You can take advantage of having your kids at home for a day by helping them clean their bedroom or making a special dinner together or even baking cookies. Just because you are staying indoors doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast.

Play Dates and Sleepovers: Summertime is a great time for play dates and sleepovers. I know it can feel like a lot of work when your child is hosting the play date or sleepover, but the tradeoff is the next time it won’t be your turn. It’s nice to find a group of good friends and rotate, so each parent has time to get their errands done and have some down time.

Go Crazy: Of course it’s not an everyday activity, but as a special outing or a reward for your child, plan a special trip to a waterpark or an amusement park. We are lucky enough to live in California, and my boys love Disneyland. We will often take our kids to Disneyland as a fun treat for them completing a week’s worth of chores and being kind and polite throughout the week. Amusement parks and waterparks allow families to spend time together smiling, laughing and playing – a lot!!

Don’t run out of ideas this summer! Take some advice from me, and have fun all summer long.


Daddy Nickell


Daddy Nickell, father of 6, founder of and the Daddyscrubs parenting blog.

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