Just Dance Kids 2014

Video games. We love them in our house. I remember spending countless summer days trying to complete a level of a video game during my youth. Since my kids are still young (five and eight) we always go for an E rating and it hasn’t been a problem. Surprisingly, my kids have yet to play any video games with violent content. I think we’ve been lucky so far because I’m sure that some of my son’s friends are playing games that they shouldn’t be playing.

While we try to limit screen time around here, I don’t feel the least bit guilty when they are playing a video game that actually gets them moving. We’ve had our Wii for a few years and since then, my kids have enjoyed the sports games but they REALLY both enjoy the Just Dance games. It’s also no secret around here that I, too, love Just Dance. I’ve always loved dancing and this is just so fun! Especially when you can make it a family activity. It is actually a Christmas tradition around here where we ALL play and it gets very competitive! It’s so great to have something that family members of all ages can enjoy together.

Last night we had a great time playing the latest Just Dance Kids 2014. With songs for all ages – older kids and younger kids – there was something for all of us. We had a great laugh. I managed to Instagram a video of them dancing and if you can believe it my 5-year-old’s favourite song wasn’t one by The Wiggles it was “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”!

I also have to point out that bedtimes are much easier when my kids are exhausted from dancing and having fun with mommy and daddy.


It was tricky to get a shot without them moving. They love to dance!


My son and I actually like to compete with each other to see who can get the most points, but my daughter, on the other hand, likes to dance without actually holding a remote. She thinks it weighs her down and gets in the way of her stellar dance moves. I think it’s hilarious and I’m just glad that we all love an activity that is fun, gets us moving and that we enjoy as a family.

Sunday evening is music night when my husband turns on the record player and plays some great vinyl, Wednesday is board game night and we’ve just declared Thursday as Just Dance night! It brings joy, incites giggles from everyone in the family and gets kids (and parents) moving – the perfect combo for a perfect evening!

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