It’s Back to School Time

It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, and the first day of school seems closer than ever. I’m here to let you know there are things you can do now, prior to the first day of school, that’ll help your child be more prepared for the new school year.

Routine: Summer fun can lead to hectic schedules, but it’s important to ease kids back into a more stable routine prior to the first day of school. A week or two before school starts begin waking your child up early, having breakfast and getting ready for the day together. In the evening stick to a schedule of eating dinner, taking a bath, reading a book and going to bed early. When it’s time to head back to school your child will be well rested and ready to fall back into the school year routine.

Educational Activities: Make time for educational activities in order to help your child get back into the swing of things. These activities don’t have to be boring. Head to the museum; count the number of dogs you see on your way to the park; make sure to read to your child every day. Educational summer day camps are an excellent support since they help with routine and will engage your child’s brain.

Get Organized: Don’t leave everything for the last minute – start getting organized now! Sort through your child’s closet to determine what back-to-school clothes they need for the year. Ask for a list of desired school supplies and purchase those now, too! Create a meal plan in advance to help your kitchen run with ease. Work with your child to create a homework station where your child can comfortably sit and work on homework afterschool each day.

Communicate: As always, it’s important to talk to your child. Communicating will allow your child to feel more prepared for what’s ahead. Give them time to ask questions, share concerns and more. Talk to your child about what to expect: what their average school day will look like, what their teacher’s name is, where they’ll go for lunch, etc. The more information you share with your child now the more ready they will be for the first day of school.

Summer is coming to an end. Start preparing for the first day of school now!

Happy parenting!


Daddy Nickell


Parenting Expert and father of 7, Robert Nickell (aka Daddy Nickell) offers his “5 cents” worth of advice to expectant and new parents.  Daddy Nickell is the founder of Daddy & Co., delivery room duds and daddy gifts and apparel for every stage of fatherhood, and the Daily Daddy Blog.  He is also the creator and producer of “My Life as a Dad,” the groundbreaking new web series that showcases celebrity fathers offering their personal experiences and parenting tips.



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