It’s official…I knocked this one out of the park!

M’s birthday party was this past weekend, and I promised some pics and a play by play so buckle up cause here we GO! GO! GO! GO! on an adventure! The thinga-majigger is up and away!!!

M’s outfit was perfect! Black leggings with red and white striped legwarmers with a mini hat in red… it was awesome and everyone loved it! The decorations were killer – red and white twisted streamers from the ceiling, pompom flowers, fish and hat cut-outs all over the room, balloons, signs, goldfish centre pieces, candy table, cake & cupcakes (made by a friend who did a totally amazing job), and cake-pops (made by another friend and they were perfect!).

The food was awesome (all done by my Mom, for 65 people…yep 65 people!!) which included Hooey Gooey Lasagna, Green Eggs and Ham Quiche, Cindy Lou Spring Mix, Whoville Penne, Grinch Greek salad among a ton of other goodies! People were asking who we got to cater the food Ches’ Mom! Our friend’s come hungry, they know how we roll.

The Cat in the Hat made an appearance to read the little guys the book. After they had their face painted, put on their stovepipe hat and had their picture taken in my make-shift photo booth (which everyone loved by the way).

Overall it was a total success! Everyone had a great time! It took 8 weeks of planning for the quickest 3 hours of my life! Everyone seems to think I missed my calling by not being a party planner!  So if you’re looking for some ideas or have a theme and need some suggestions shoot me a message.  Take a look at a few pics and let me know what you think! How’d I do??

  • Patricia

    Where did you get the Cat in the Hat cutout? I need an Elmo one for my LO’s bday this June….

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Got it at Michael’s in the teaching section :) – hmmm… didn’t see elmo… try Etsy they had a ton of elmo stuff when I did it last year :)

      • Baby Bottom Line

        OH!!! Scholars choice… try there… I remember seeing Sesame Street stuff :)

  • Jayanthini_k

    Beautiful work!
    Do u know any place where I can rent party props?
    Im planning my son’s 1st birthday party which will be either Peter pan or pirates of the carribean themed. I’m looking for a ship and anchors
    Any tips would be great!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks :)

      hmmm..I’ve never had to rent… had to make everything myself. If google doesn’t come up with any hits in your area… try the thrift stores. Some have left over halloween stuff that you can use or even nautical accessories. Best bet to try to find a ship is to call around places that you rent a character (like a pirate) and see if they can reco a rental place. They usually have contacts that they use on a regular basis. You can make a treasure chest from one of the cardboard or wooden ones (find them at a craft store) and fill it with gold coins and plastic jewlery….then the bigger kids can fill a bag full as their loot bags! Would totally be super cute!

  • loree

    Nice pics.
    And I love The Cat In The Hat! :)

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks Loree :)

  • jlsgbs

    Love cat in the hat! My 3 year old is asking for Cat in the Hat for his birthday this year – which happens to be on Halloween! Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes are in order, I think! Did you have a hard time finding cat in the hat themed party supplies? I’m going to have to start looking around!

  • Bexter_84

    Wow what a great job, I can’t wait to have theme birthday parties for my little guy :)

  • Mwosnick


  • sarah robinson knoll

    Love the theme! We just did one with thomas!

  • Chantal Steeves

    I am so bookmarking this idea for my son’s second birthday!!!

  • Baby Care

    really doing great,how you have done all this alone.
    I got an idea to celebrate birthday of my teens…

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