I loathed arts and crafts…until now!

I’m going to just come out and say it: I absolutely am not a fan of arts and crafts. In fact, I am so not artsy and crafty, that I tend to steer my kids away from anything that might involve markers, glue, sparkles, popsicle sticks, anything. I hate it. I loathe it. My kids, on the other hand, absolutely love it and I constantly feel terrible for not letting them stretch their artistic muscles at home.


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This obsessive hatred of arts and crafts probably stems from my own inability to feel creative. I realized that something needed to change with my kids (and me) but I had no idea where to start. Then, by some miracle, Jaq Jaq Bird came into my life and I’m forever changed.

Created by a mom whose family was stuck in renovation hell, Jaq Jaq Bird is a line of dust free chalk and washable markers with easy to clean and on-the-go books, placemats and table runners that have not only changed the way I feel about arts and crafts, but they’ve made me craftier, too.


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The Jaq Jaq Wishy Washy markers wipe off ANY no-porous surface, and with that in mind, I’ve decided to use my fridge as our weekly meal planning chart. I can wipe clean with a dry cloth and then wash with warm soapy water (if I want). I’m planning on drawing some holiday decorations on the windows with both the markers AND the Jaq Jaq Bird dust free chalk, and, thanks to a friend’s comment, will be letting people write their names or draw on their wine glasses this Christmas.


wine copy


And the kids?

This morning, they were begging me to let them watch TV before we left for school/daycare. This is something that almost never happens. I said no, and suggested they pull out our Jaq Jaq Bird table runner and get to work on a mural. This kept them fully occupied until it was time to get dressed and brush teeth, and they all were quiet, happy and not fighting. That in and of itself was a miracle, but even more than that, when it was time to get ready, H packed up the runner, put it back in it’s tube and stuck his ButterStix dustless chalk in the tube. HE CLEANED UP is what I’m saying. This is the kid who’s report card said, “has trouble tidying.”


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I’m really excited about gifting some Jaq Jaq Bird stuff to my nephew for Christmas this year, and I will be getting the Colour It! Chalk books for the kids for the car. I also know that if you are interested in your own Jaq Jaq Bird for the holidays, Jaq Jaq Bird Canada is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more (use promo code SHIPFREE) and guaranteed delivery before Christmas/Chanukah if you order before December 16th (Canada only)!

With the endless possibilities, and the reusability, Jaq Jaq Bird offers so much more than just arts and crafts, which is why I’m happy to say that I no longer hate arts and crafts.


What will you be using Jaq Jaq Bird Canada for this holiday?

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