Holy Hair Loss!

Let me begin by saying that I’ve never had thick, lustrous hair. I have thin hair and some hairdressers have said “lots of it” but by no means have I ever had thick hair.

I had heard that while pregnant your hair becomes thick and glorious. I never noticed this happening until I saw a picture of myself right after my girls were born and my mane looked untamed and thick for the first time ever.

I guess that the strands of hair that usually fall out daily when brushing and washing just stopped falling out. The routine hair-brush-emptying had depleted and I hadn’t even noticed.

One thing I did notice…right around the time that I stopped breastfeeding, the hair that I had managed to hold on to for all of those months…started to fall out…fast and furiously.

I had always heard about post pregnancy hair loss but I had no clue just how much hair I was destined to lose…all at once.

The worst part wasn’t even the constant brush and drain cleaning, the worst part was the regrowth.

Tiny, little wisps of bangs and layers that I hadn’t planned on, nor knew how to style. The funniest part was watching my hairdresser try to decide if my new-found ‘bangs’ should go in the foil for highlights or not.

I’ve heard of special ‘hair-loss-preventing’ shampoos that you can order from other countries but I’ve decided to embrace my new ‘do’ and go with it.

It’s proven difficult when it comes to styling my old bangs with my ‘new’ bangs. They want to go opposite directions, or rather, my new bangs want to stick straight up.

After getting past the ‘Something About Mary’ looking-bang-stage’ my baby hair is slowly starting to fill in and I’m starting to figure out how to tame my mane.

Holy hair loss! Just another thing I had heard about in passing, yet had no idea what to expect.

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