Gone Tubing

Not that kind of tubing silly! There’s no snow in London right now… but lots of rain! We went on the Tube. The Underground… you know, “Mind the Gap”. With three babies, a two and a half year old and a five year old. Fun, fun, fun!

It was an adventure…

There are no stairs at the local tube station, so we had to help each other down with the strollers – worked out ok as there were a lot of babies, BUT five adults. We turned heads.

We were like a gang, only our weapons were bottles, up the back poos and projectile vomit.

It was raining so we thought we’d take a quick trip. Take the Picadilly line to Knightsbridge, go to Harrod’s so I could buy some stuffed teddy bears (I love them), a few books (I love them too), have some lunch and then back on the tube.

It took all afternoon. Toilet breaks, diaper changes, feeding babies, temper tantrums.

The highlight of my day: A woman in Harrod’s. After one of my nephews puked on the floor – ironically in the art section – his creation would have looked wonderful in a coffee table book somewhere… anyway, he puked. She looked disgusted. And I thought, “How horrible. It’s only baby puke!” Then she turned the corner and I saw that she was pregnant. HAHAHAHA! You just wait lady…

So back home we went. With a little less money and a little more tired than before.

In case you can’t read the sign, it says, “Please keep feet off seats.”

This man next to my daughter just LOVED that she was sitting next to him! Ha!

Did I mention that the people in London aren’t exactly welcoming babies and small children on the tube with open arms?

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