Fun Baby Bath Toys

Learning through play is the primary way young children learn and practice new skills.  Bath toys can provide hours of entertainment and education for kids.  When selecting bath toys make sure there are not any cords that could cause choking and small pieces that could be swallowed or pushed up their nose, and ensure the toys are non-toxic.

Bath time can be a terrific time to reinforce skills kids are learning like colors, counting, shapes and fine motor skills.  Check out these ideas for fun bath toys:

· Bath paints come in several colors along with a nylon brush.  The paints are a non-toxic soap based product that allows kids to paint on the bathtub walls and create all kinds of art.  Then after bath time the art work simply washes away.

· Bath crayons are another fun way for kids to play and practice writing, coloring and making shapes.  This toy is fun and educational.  Simply spray the tub or shower walls with bathroom cleaner and you’re ready for your next art adventure.  Crayons are non-toxic.

· Stackable cups come in a wide variety of shapes and themes.  Most stackable bath toys have holes in the bottom so kids can fill them up with water and bubbles and watch them empty out.  They can be nested or stacked giving kids building options.

· Rubber duckies come in a variety of sizes and colors. Kids can practice sorting by color and size or count the number of duckies in the water.  They can imagine duck families and role play.

· Baby mirrors are always enticing for babies and toddlers.  Many versions come with suction cups that mount on the bathtub walls.  Kids love to look at themselves and explore finding their body parts.  It also gives them the opportunity to recognize themselves and associate their image in the mirror.

Kids love playing in the bath.  It’s a wonderful time to engage their curiosity and ignite their imagination.  Bath toys can make bath time an adventure on the high seas or turn the bath tub into an art gallery.  Making bath time fun allows kids to be silly and have fun while enjoying part of a bedtime ritual.

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