Finicky Feedings

If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know that when it comes to eating it’s never been any easy feat for my girls.

I love that they’re now at the stage where if they’re hungry I can just give them a bit of whatever I’m eating. No need to slowly introduce purees anymore, no need to mash up food for them, easy right?

Well yes and no.

Yes, they have plenty of teeth and can eat pretty much anything, but that’s only if they choose to eat it.

Breakfast is pretty consistent. Eggs or pancakes or muffins or french toast along with some yogurt mixed with fruit purees.

Lunch follows and it is the trickiest meal of the day.

I’ve tried everything from peanut butter and jam sandwiches to ham and cheese crescent rolls. I’ve made meals that I thought they would find delicious only to have them pick at it, leave most of it on their trays or sneak a lot of it to the dog.

I’ve tried cutting off the crusts, leaving the crusts on, cutting the sandwiches into bite size pieces or rolling up wraps. It turns out that the girls eat more of their lunch when I separate it. So instead of making them a ham and cheese sandwich I cut up ham, cheese and a bit of a wrap and for some reason, most of it gets eaten, and not by the dog.

The girls eat alright at dinner time, depending on what we’re having. Pizza, turkey tacos, fish, pork and especially vegetables they’ll gobble up, but it depends on the day. So at 19 months old I’m still giving them some purees just to ensure they’re getting enough veggies.

I’m really trying to discourage them from becoming ‘picky eaters.’ So I am happy to reintroduce foods that they’ve turned their noses up at one day, only to find that they love it the next.

Despite their finicky eating at times, the doctor is thrilled with their progress and says to just keep doing what we’re doing. Three bottles a day, lots of snacks and anyone’s guess as to what they’ll eat during mealtime. It seems to be working for them, so I guess I’ll just keep following their lead.

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