Dial Down Screen Time and Crank Up The Fun with Springfree!

Getting little ones off the screens and outside can be a big challenge to parents these days. As much as you restrict them, the screens are there in the distance, beckoning to you with the lure of a little quiet time… whether it’s a television screen, a tablet or a smart phone – they are guaranteed to engage your kid in a little brain play and give you some much needed down time. It’s tempting. My family has replaced endless hours on a screen with some pretty major activity: We now have a Springfree Trampoline in our backyard.

It was time to grow up a little in our backyard. The play structure that we had for nine years provided my kids with endless hours of swinging, climbing and sliding, but my kids outgrew it a little and it was time to say goodbye and to pass it on to another family who could enjoy it as much as we did.

When I told friends that we were getting a trampoline, some weren’t very excited and had no issues telling me that they were dangerous and to expect injuries. That didn’t stop me, the fun and the activity far outweighs the possibility of injuries. Kids can get injured climbing trees, walking on grass, getting out of bed… I’m not too worried. It also helps that Springfree is the world’s safest trampoline. Click here to read more about why.

Blessed be the day that this trampoline was installed in our backyard. My kids have been jumping on it since day one. Getting sweaty, laughing, flipping, playing basketball – it has been so fun. And hello, less screen time.




I know that’s probably the best thing about the trampoline, but let me be a bit selfish here, the best part about this trampoline is that I can use it too. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to get myself moving. I like to walk a lot and yoga is my jam but it’s really great to know that just 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the cardio equivalent to a 30-minute jog! A 30-minute jog! I don’t enjoy running, especially not in one spot on a treadmill and my knees don’t love running on city sidewalks but boy do I love jumping. WIN!




Here’s another perk: You may or may not know that my kids have always been pretty horrible sleepers. Since this trampoline has been in our backyard – they have gone to sleep more quickly and have slept more soundly. Now that I think about it, maybe they just haven’t been active enough over the years? Maybe they just NEED SO MUCH ACTIVITY that it was never possible to achieve on a daily basis until we got this trampoline? That’s probably it. I’m going with that.




I am Springfree’s newest fan. I love it and I’m so glad that we have one in my backyard and that it can be used year round – as long as you clean off the snow in winter. I know you’ll love it too, so, here’s the plan: enter for a chance to win one! We are giving one away and you have until July 28th to enter. Good luck!

  • Teresa I.

    I’ve entered and have my fingers crossed!!!

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