Dealing with Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

For the past two weeks I’ve been going for Chiro care at Pande Wellness Centre.  With this second pregnancy and carrying twins, lets just say things are a tad different this time around.  Most noticeably for me is the pubis discomfort.  When I get up from my chair; when I get up from sitting for any period of time I get a shooting pain in my pubis area and it also makes me walk a bit slower until things(ligaments, joints, whatever!) get  ‘functioning’ again then I can walk properly.

I started researching what the heck was causing this pain and I can thank my hormones and my two beautiful placenta’s! Good ol Relaxin Hormone is making things a little too easy to relax those ligaments therefore causing me more pain.

Thanks to Dr.Pande treating weekly/biweekly I have noticed a huge change in my body! Huge.  I’ve also been doing yoga because I don’t want to spend the last trimester bed ridden and in discomfort.

So far the pubis pain is minimized and I noticed the other day while walking through my sons school hallway that I was not waddling but walking like I did pre-pregnancy and not in any discomfort.

I will continue to see Dr.Pande through out the duration of my pregnancy as new things come about that I experience, plus with carrying twins we both want to make sure my hips and pelvis are level so they have room to move around. So far they are both head down at 29 weeks! Lets hope it stays that way.

So I’ve asked Dr.Pande to help me with this post and share her expertise.  Here are her words and advice.  If you are in the GTA area, I highly suggest you contact Pande Wellness Centre as she practices gentle chiropractic care called “low force-chiropractic care” and she also specializes in prenatal and post partum care.

By Dr.Maya Pande

Pubic bone pain (sometimes called Pelvic Girdle Pain but formally known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) affects about 25% of pregnant women. It causes pain while moving, especially walking, climbing stairs or turning over in bed.

In some women, the pain can be constant and piercing; in others, the pain can be sporadic and manageable. The main reason why this affects moms-to-be is because relaxin, the hormone which loosens up ligaments to prepare your body for birth, has loosened the ligaments too much, causing the pelvis to become unbalanced.

Despite what you might have been told, there is no need to suffer through this during your pregnancy.

A couple of things you can do on your own are:

1. Apply heat to the pubic bone area to help relieve pain. Make sure not to apply heat to your belly!

2. Wear a pregnancy belt. It goes around your hips and helps support your belly, taking some pressure off your pubic bone.

If you find the pain is not going away with these suggestions, then a chiropractor is your next step. Find a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and knows about this condition.

Very gentle chiropractic adjustments that are specially suited for this condition can help reduce or even resolve this pelvic pain during pregnancy.


Have you suffered from any pregnancy discomfort that requires Chiropractic care? Have you thought of chiro care for your pregnancy?

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