CLICK: One of those moments that you wish you could capture and put in a bottle…

Yesterday my kids all wanted to walk to school – it’s only a five minute walk from our house but we usually bike because as you know, every extra morning minute is like gold – at least in our house. Those actual three minutes saved by biking ensure that all of the kids teeth get brushed or that I get everyone’s hair done, not just the first person I happen to start with.

So off they went, out the back door and towards the path that leads to school. As I finished packing my bag for the day and getting my bike key (which I needed to get to the bus stop after the school drop off), I noticed that they had all left their backpacks on the floor. So I changed my plan of taking the “normal” bike and threw everything into my Bicycle Built for six and sped off after them.

We live beside a canal with a path that follows it along its side. It borders the countryside and is actually really beautiful to walk and bike along. There are no cars on the path so it’s a perfect place for kids to walk alone.

I was focused on catching up and just as I biked over the small bridge I saw them.

There they were: the four of them, holding hands and walking together. Their four colourful winter coats bobbing up and down as they continued their walk and talk. I could hear bits of laughter coming at me through the wind.

I stopped and watched. A feeling of overwhelming tenderness and love filled up my entire body.

But I also felt a small twinge of sadness.

The feeling of love I get, the one of sadness, not so much. I mean it was a beautiful moment. I think it had to do with realization that they are growing up so fast that they could all be off on their own together. And also very much to do with the fact that I so often forget to stop and smell the flowers which are right in front of me, every day: and there they were…

I can still see the four of them walking in my mind today as I sit here trying to put words to this picture. This is one of those moments that I wish I could, literally, have captured and put in a bottle to store forever.

Beauty. Innocence. Love. Family.

  • Catherine

    What a lovely post! I have 3 myself, and often have moments like that – where I try to stop and just relish because I know I will look back on those moments with nostalgia. With all the insanity of routine and schedules,it’s so easy to just think of “getting through” each day” rather than realizing that this is it, enjoy it while it’s happening. Thank you

    • LiannesGuide

      Thanks Catherine. Nice to hear that other mom’s feel the same way. Daily life insanity as you said, often get in the way. I am trying to be more conscious of those precious moments!

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