CelebrityBabyScoop Takes A Look At Our Favorite Celebrity Dads

In preparation for Father’s Day this Sunday, CelebrityBabyScoop is taking a look at Hollywood’s top pops.

In the site’s latest Readers’ Choice Awards, thousands of votes came pouring in for our 10 favorite celebrity dads. From Hugh Jackman‘s school runs with kids Ava and Oscar, to David Beckham‘s weekend soccer games with his sons, to Ben Affleck‘s trips to the farmer’s market with Violet and Seraphina, let’s look at our favorite high-profile papas!

         Hugh Jackman:

Year after year, Wolverine hunk Hugh Jackman tops our list as favorite celebrity dad. Not only does he regularly gush about his wife of 16 years, Deborra Lee Furness, he is often seen on the school run with son Oscar, 12, and daughter Ava, nearly 7.

The hands-on dad has opened up about the joys of adoption, stating that Oscar and Ava were destined to join their loving family.

“From the moment we started the adoption process, all the anxiety went away. I don’t think of them [Oscar and Ava] as adopted – they’re our children,” Hugh said. “Deb and I are believers in … I suppose you could call it destiny. We feel things happened the way they are meant to. Obviously, biologically wasn’t the way we were meant to have children. Now, as we go through life together, sure there are challenges, but everyone’s in the right place with the right people. It sounds airy-fairy, but it’s something we feel very deeply.”

         David Beckham:

Soccer stud David Beckham melts our hearts when he talks about his family-of-six! It’s no wonder he’s our second favorite celebrity dad. The football hunk and his wife of 13 years, Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, are parents to four kids: sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, Cruz, 7, and daughter Harper, 11 months.

The father-of-four has said another child would be “amazing” and is often heard gushing about his big brood.

“She’s so beautiful,” David recently said about his baby girl. “There’s no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it’s just different,” says David, who is also dad to boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. “When they [boys] are kids you can roll them around and they fall to the sides and they pick themselves up and they’re fine. Whereas Harper, now, she hits herself just slightly and she cries…. I still think ‘Oh God, I can’t believe this, I’ve got a girl.’ And to see the boys with her it’s incredible. When they walk into the room, her little face lights up.”

         Ben Affleck:

Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck and wife, Alias alum Jennifer Garner, welcomed their third child, son Samuel, on February 27. The high-profile couple are also parents to daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3.

In a touching Mother’s Day tribute recently posted on Facebook, Ben gushed about his “amazing wife Jennifer who is an incredible, spectacular, world-class mom!”

It’s no wonder we love him so much! The father-of-three founded the Eastern Congo Initiative in 2010 and recently got back from his eighth trip to the war-torn region, saying his kids inspire him to do make a positive difference in the world.

“I got to a point in my life where I felt like I had been very fortunate,” Ben said. “And I wanted to do something more with my life than just make movies and try to make money. I wanted to do something that was important to me in other ways and would serve as an example to my kids.”

         Orlando Bloom:

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and wife, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, welcomed their first child, son Flynn, in January 2011. The Lord of the Rings star quickly became one of our favorite new dads in Tinseltown!

“He’s a great kid. I love it.” Orlando said of his beautiful boy. “He’s wonderful [and] laughs more than he cries – we’re very lucky.”

         Brad Pitt:

A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are parents to six kids: Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 6, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Brad is a family man first and foremost! Although he’s been reluctant to walk down the aisle again, after the couple’s six kids asked daddy to “get mommy a ring,” the actor replied, “That’s a great idea.”

“We haven’t closed the book on it,” Brad said of welcoming more kids. “There’s a really nice balance in the house right now, but if we see the need and get that lightning bolt that says, ‘We can help this person; we could do something here,’ then absolutely.”

         Neil Patrick Harris:

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and fiancé David Burtka are dads to 1 1/2-year-old twins Harper and Gideon. The Doogie Houser alum recently opened up about welcoming the twins via surrogate mother.

“We really, really wanted kids,” NPH said. “We really had thought it through financially, emotionally, relationship-wise. We didn’t just accidentally get pregnant and decide that now we need to make this work. These kids come into our world with nothing but love.”


Musician Seal and estranged wife, supermodel Heidi Klum, are parents to four kids: Leni, 8, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2.

“She has given me four incredible gifts, four beautiful children,” Seal said after the shocking split from Heidi.

And while Leni’s biological father is Flavio Briatore, the once seemingly-perfect husband talked about adopting his oldest child.

“It’s [the adoption] only happened fairly recently,” Seal said. “But it doesn’t make her any more or less my daughter. She always has been. All it means is that both Heidi and I wanted her to have the same last name as the rest of us. It was about Leni. I don’t want her to feel different because I know what that’s like, being a kind of stepson. And I don’t want that dynamic for my little girl.”

         Johnny Depp:

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is dad to daughter Lily-Rose, 13, and 10-year-old son Jack with longtime love Vanessa Paradis. And although there’s been rumors of a split, Johnny stands firm on saying family is everything to him. “I was angry and frustrated until I started my own family and my first child was born,” he shared. “Until then I didn’t really appreciate life the way I should have, but fortunately I woke up.”

“The birth of my daughter, my first kid, was the lifting of a veil,” Johnny said. “It was like having this fog removed from your eyes… And suddenly you could see things clearly in great focus. In terms of being a dad, in terms of being a pop, that’s exactly who I am.” He added, “You would hope that they would want to do something a little more… you want your kid to be Picasso, you want your kid to be a great painter or great poet. You don’t want them to have a boss.”

         Adam Sandler:

Happy Gilmore star Adam Sandler and wife of nine years, Jackie Sandler, are parents to daughters Sadie, 5, and Sunny, 3. Always the hands-on daddy, Adam is often seen biking, playing, and just being plain silly with his girls!

And it sounds like Sadie and Sunny love daddy’s funny films! “There’s a mocked up picture of me that we made in my house and my daughter, Sadie, loves it,” Adam said.

But the funnyman admits there are down sides to raising children in privileged Hollywood.

“I go to sleep thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it,’ said the dad-of-two. “I’m trying to do the right thing. With the amount of money I have it’s difficult raising children the way that I was raised but I took away the west and north wing of the house from those guys. So they’re not allowed in there…When you’re around the kids you feel like you act the most grown up just because you’re supposed to lead. I say things like every other day that remind me of my own parents. One thing that I do know about being a parent is that you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.”

         Gavin Rossdale:

Although he apparently refuses to speak to the mother of his 23-year-old daughter Daisy, Gavin Rossdale is one of our favorite high-profile papas.

Married to fellow rocker Gwen Stefani for 10 years, the longtime couple are parents to sons Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 3. And it sounds like the boys are following in their musical parents’ footsteps.

“Kingston still likes the drums, but he’s into everything now,” Gavin gushed. “He’s always busy doing things. We’re just trying to give them lots of opportunities. Zuma is really into the guitar. If I’m playing he’ll come and jam with me – he’ll sit with me, it’s really fun. He moves his hands up and down. His positioning and charisma are amazing. He’s so relaxed, looks great and he’s three!”

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