Celeb Mommies Share Their Favorite Bedtime Stories with Celebrity Baby Scoop

Most parents look forward to that special bedtime story with their little ones.  It’s a time when moms and dads devote their full attention to their kids and the day to day distractions are put on the backburner.  Celeb mommies agree and tell CelebrityBabyScoop that there’s nothing better than that bedtime reading and cuddle time:

Full House alum Jodie Sweetin-currently stars on Can’t Get Arrested

“We love to read! We have story time every night before bed. It’s about twenty minutes and they get to pick three books. Usually it’s the same ones. We have Goodnight Moon. ButPajama Time by Sandra Boynton is their favorite. It’s really cute and has a song – it’s our favorite cuddle book before bedtime. The baby loves her first-words-books. I’m a big reader myself, so I love reading to the girls. That’s a really big thing for me.”

Jessica Seinfeld, founder of Baby Buggy

“My family loves reading poems by Shel Silverstein together. We’ve read his poems so many times that by now we can all recite them by heart.  At bedtime, we read a few together, using different voices for each character.  After reading time, we try to give each child about 20 minutes alone time with mom or dad, to talk about issues that have arisen at school or home that day. We always try to end the day with some big laughs.”

Actress Jennie Garth

“Skippyjonjones is a favorite book of ours, it makes them laugh. And I like Crysanthemum.   And then there’s always Goodnight Moon, which always makes me feel peaceful and sleepy!”

Samantha Harris- ET correspondent, collaborator on the ‘Samantha Jean’ for DL1961

There are different favorite books for each of our two girls for bedtime. Right now, each night,10-month-old Hillary gets to cuddle before her bottle with “Good Night Moon”. It was one of my favorites growing up. Josselyn gets to pick two books to read while cuddled up in mommy and daddy’s bed with us each night. Before we bring her to her room for lullabies, our favorites come from the Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems. “I Broke My Trunk” and “Elephants Cannot Dance” are at the top of the list. My husband, Michael, does the elephant’s voice and I read the piggie’s parts. It cracks up all three of us!

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