A Brit’s Interpretation of Thanksgiving

As an immigrant to Canada, Thanksgiving is foreign to me. Coming from the UK we never had Thanksgiving. We celebrate a lot of things but this is definitely a North American tradition that gives me an opportunity to eat turkey twice a year.

When I met my wife, her family didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving either. It wasn’t until her sister decided to have Thanksgiving dinner that I got to experience it.

What is Thanksgiving? From what I’ve seen about Thanksgiving after being in Canada for 15 years, it’s a reason to meet up with your cranky family, overeat, watch lots of sports and naps afterwards.

It might not sound like I like Thanksgiving (or my family) but I really enjoy it and look forward to it every year. Realistically, we should be teaching our kids about giving thanks, loving our family and appreciating the time together. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Liverpool FC, my kids, my Zodiac… and my wife.



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